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Sierra Leone: Logus Calmly Shows Kamarainba Faked 20 as 28; 47 as 44 and 30 as 31
By Awareness Times
Jul 23, 2015, 17:17

Logus Koroma has yesterday July 22nd 2015, convincingly presented Solid Case against what are now confirmed to be Kamarainba’s lies & discrepancies but MPs have raised concerns over seeming Breach of Section 118 of Constitution for which Finance Ministry is to be summoned... See all the reports in this edition including the actual number of seater-buses as against the numbers released by Kamarainba. Logus has shown that what was ordered were 20, 47 and 30 seaters and not 28, 44 and 31 seaters as asserted by Kamarainba.

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