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Warning Sahr Lahai Jusu: A Dishonest Human Being!
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jul 27, 2015, 12:00

On today's edition¬†are snapshots from an article published on July 13th 2015 by the official State House website of the President of Sierra Leone. It says that Sahr Lahai Jusu, the Director of Debt Management Division of Finance Ministry, was amongst those who went to inspect the procured 100 buses in China. That article was published worldwide and in local newspapers between July 13th and July 20th. However when Jusu cowardly wanted to attack President Koromaís Office at Parliament last Friday July 24th 2015, instead of saying the Presidentís Office had ďerroneously publishedĒ wrong information about Sahr Jusu, it is Awareness Times that Jusu attacked for merely quoting off the State House website on July 20th - a full seven days after July 13th 2015.


Sahr Jusu, a graduate of world renowned institutions with a wealth of experience in financial matters, is supposed to be a brother to be cited as a role model. This is why even when Jusu was strongly pinpointed in some quarters as suspected to be an opposition SLPP mole leaking government documents on 100 buses, this newspaper ensured that, upon failing to reach him, we reached out to his friends and associates to produce a balanced article on the matter; wherein his defenders had a chance to present him as a disciplined professional who could not do such.


However, after reading his presentation to Parliament, especially comparing his spoken claims to actual text of his submitted Annexes he claims are classified, I am now convinced that this man called Sahr Jusu is a dishonest mammal who thinks he can play with semantics in the use of English language.


I might take a more in-depth look at this Sahr Jusu chap in a later edition but for today, I want to send out a VERY STRONG front page warning to Sahr Jusu to leave Awareness Times out of the morass in which he finds himself currently. We merely quoted from the State House website - take your fight up there.


This is a STRONG WARNING for Sahr Jusu. Consider yourself warned! Lonta.

State House Website Update on 100 Buses



Below we Zoom in on area State House mentions Sahr Jusu


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