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Sierra Leone Democracy: Between Maada Bio & Dr. Kandeh Yumkella!
By Sierra Leone Democracy Watch
Jul 31, 2015, 17:04

Thursday July 30th 2015: This week whilst addressing Africans, President Obama cited Sierra Leone first amongst a string of countries where democracy has taken root. Obama hailed us thus: "From Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin, to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, democracy has taken root..."


Our democracy has taken root because of the splendid leadership by late man of blessed memory, former President Tejan Kabbah (actually in his 2nd Term as his 1st was disastrous!) and current beloved President Ernest Koroma. The two Presidents have served Democracy so well. Sierra Leone is hopeful our next President will follow suit.


However, it is poignant to highlight the unfolding violent streak of one of the main opposition presidential aspirants Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). We all know the violent nature of his colleague opposition aspirant Julius Maada Bio but Alhaji Yumkella has now shown us that he is also not a peaceful Tejan Kabbah neither a non-violent Ernest Koroma.


Yumkella is a FIRE FOR FIRE reactionary politician ready to deploy violence at political opponents. In a video clip of Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella released on social media, he is heard as he threatens his own party members to prepare for him to start violently stepping on their toes so they will know he can also be violent and aggressive like other abusive factions in their SLPP party. The video was recorded whilst Yumkella was speaking in Europe this week... It is quite a sad and pathetic display from a man now confirming that between himself and Maada Bio, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. But we should not be surprised. Yumkella was a senior military junta Cabinet Minister in Sierra Leone when that infamous junta used to brutally & extra-judicially slaughter opponents in a process they called "we don go wash am!" Their atrocities are well documented and spanned many years including the two years period prior to December 1995 when Yumkella left serving the brutal killer junta to go live in America.



"We are not afraid of cuss cuss... we just don't want to have a cussing competition but we are not afraid at all... Wan wan tem, we get for begin mass mass blind eye man in foot make ee know say no to him wan grain day dance".




"That is why I have said let us stop to cuss cuss (abuse) ourselves [in SLPP] because we [in his own faction of SLPP] also know how to hurl the same kind of cusses [as the other factional group of SLPP] that has been used to abuse me for three years now. Since I arrived in London, our political opponents [ruling APC] did not cuss at me. Only one group from amongst ourselves [SLPP] were cussing and abusing me every day I was in London. Same thing when I went for Ebola last year, just one newspaper writing for that our other party faction was cussing cussing me since the time I arrived - following me for one whole week to write and write... Writing that I was blocked in Kenema and wrote against me till I left. But all of that is going to now change!!! ...I am not afraid of them oh. We are not afraid of cuss cuss... we just don't want to have a cussing competition but we are not afraid at all..!!!!!! They have cussed and cussed me now for three years but it has not discouraged me. I have borne this [their shameful intra-SLPP cuss parade] sent at me from that our other faction for 3 years now but there is no stopping me now..!!!!! I will go all over the country unafraid of them and since some people amongst us [in his SLPP] now have this habit to do certain things thinking they can get away without a reaction to their negative acts, let me warn all concerned that it will not always be so as from now on because, like a West African parable goes, one should know how to make a blind man realise he is not the only one dancing at a dance. As from now onwards, once in a while, I will deliberately be also stepping maliciously on toes so the blind owner of the toes will feel the pain when I stomp on him and he will know that he is not the only one dancing. Like how the other Faction [of SLPP] has family members so also we too have families and our families feel terrible when the cussing is going on against our own faction"

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