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Section 118 of Constitution
Aug 14, 2015, 17:04

118. (1) Parliament may by a resolution passed in that behalf and supported by the votes of a majority of all the Members of Parliament, authorise the Government to enter into an agreement for the granting of a loan out of any public fund or public account.


118. (2) An agreement entered pursuant to subsection (1) shall be laid before Parliament and shall not come into operation unless the same has been approved by a resolution of Parliament.

118. (5)
For the purposes of this section, the expression "loan" includes any moneys lent or given to or by the Government on condition of return or repayment and any other form of borrowing or lending in respect of whichó


a. moneys from the Consolidated Fund or any other Public Fund may be used for payment or repayment; or

b. moneys from any fund by whatever name called established for the purposes of payment or repayment whether in whole or in part and whether directly or indirectly may be used for payment or repayment.


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