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Sierra Leone News : Unprecedented Rape & Murder: Govt to Improve Beach Safety - Says NTB Yassin Kargbo
By Our Correspondent
Aug 18, 2015, 17:08

The General Manager of the National Tourist Board (NTB), Mr. Yassim Kargbo has informed the Sierra Leone News Agency that in the wake of the unprecedented brutal murder and sexual assault of a young lady along Lumley Beach this month, the government has plans to further improve on security and safety on the beach in addition to the ongoing measures already being implemented to beautify and secure the beach front. He spoke in an exclusive interview at his Lumley Beach Road office in Freetown on Thursday 13th August 2015.


Many Sierra Leoneans were appalled to wake up that morning of Thursday 13th August 2015 to an unprecedented sight of extreme violence. A young lady was found dead lying on the sand with her legs wide opened, her vagina area graphically exposed and her mouth filled with sand; apparently brutally raped and killed. It shocked the country and the government as it was gruesome and unprecedented. The Sierra Leone Police has reportedly taken the matter very seriously and investigations have led to some arrests.

Mr. Yassin Kargbo: General Manager, NTB


According to government officials, although it was an unprecedented occurrence on the beach but yet still even the loss of one life so brutally was unacceptable; especially as it was a woman subjected as well to sexual assault. Therefore, Yassin Kargbo said the Government through the National Tourist Board, is already planning to institute measures to make the beach more secure.


I want to give as example the brutal rape and murder of a lady named Hannah on 13th August this year and her corpse deposited along the beach which is sad and happened at the wrong time and place for which some people have been arrested, Mr. Kargbo said.


He then outlined some of the ongoing measures and future ones.


I have held fruitful discussions with the Minister of Energy, who is very accommodating, and at the moment, solar lights have been installed at Lumley Beach, Kargbo explained adding that NTB also wants to install security systems like CCTV cameras along the beach to prevent crime and trace criminals.


The NTB General Manager further underscored the need for more police personnel to be deployed along the beach to beef up security along the entire stretch of the popular rendezvous.


In area of sanitation, he said a monthly cleaning exercise effective this September is planned whilst Government through the relevant ministries has also promised to provide electricity and water supply to Lumley Beach by the end of this year so as to not only improve on security and sanitation but to also reduce the cost of doing business along those spots.


The high cost of hotel bills is due to the non-availability of these facilities, Mr. Yassin Kargbo stated.


This newspaper in our subsequent editions, will highlight other aspects of the Tourism strongmans comprehensive thoughts on other aspects of Tourism; as expressed in his interview with SLENA.

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