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Sierra Leone News : Charles Margai turns 70 Years
By Awareness Times
Aug 19, 2015, 17:08

On todayís edition is a Press Statement from Charles Margai informing us all that he is turning 70 years old (three score years & ten) today. To mark the birthday, we are publishing our article¬† we first published as a Breaking News on the night of Margaiís 62nd birthday.


Since 2007 Elections, the Awareness Times has been the news breaker of major political events. For example, on July 4th 2007, we first broke news of an hitherto unknown Sam Sumana as the Running mate to Ernest Koroma. Earlier on July 2nd 2007, we also broke the news of Momodu Koroma as the SLPPís Runningmate. Again for 2012 elections, we broke news on November 8th 2011 of Kadi Sesay as Runningmate to Maada Bio and later, we confirmed first that Sam Sumana is re-chosen.


So it was that we first broke the news of what happened at Charles Margaiís 62nd Birthday party on August 19th 2007. Our PMDC source at the party used his phone to call us and allowed us to quietly listen in on the very weighty pronouncement that would impact the future direction of Sierra Leone.


The following was how we reported the news as BREAKING NEWS FLASH! on our Internet Website in the evening of Sunday August 19th 2007:


Margai endorses Ernest Koroma

at his 62nd Birthday Party

By Awareness Times

19 August 2007:
 It is now confirmed. The speculations are over. Lawyer Charles Margai, leader of the opposition People's Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) in Sierra Leone, celebrated his 62nd Birthday today August 19th 2007 and at an event held in his home, which was bubbling with his friends and political associates, Margai has publicly told the BBC's Umaru Fofana that he was endorsing the Presidential bid of Ernest Koroma of the opposition All People's Congress.


Please click on the BBC Website in the early hours of tomorrow August 20th 2007 to listen to the interviews (Network Africa) granted by both Margai and Ernest Koroma. Also to be broadcasted will be the reaction of Victor Reider, the Publicity Secretary of the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP).


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Press Statement from Charles Margai on his Relationship with Frank Kargbo

Members of the Public, the Attorney-General and I are not enemies. There should be no ambivalence regarding our relationship. All we have been doing was exchange of our respective understanding of the constitutional provision empowering Mr. President to issue another proclamation. If in the process, we have up set any individual or individuals, we unreservedly apologise. I urge that you discard the negative aspect of our correspondence and take onboard the positive ones.

Charles Margai and his friend Ernest Bai Koroma, eight years ago


I called Frank on his mobile this morning (18th August, 2015) putting an end to the fire for fire. It is all over!

He responded that he was in the process of sending me a birthday card to mark my 70th birthday, (19th August 2015) which I deeply appreciate.

This is what I call maturity in both of us.



C.F. Margai Esq.

Leader - PMDC

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