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Sierra Leone News : Mother of Rape & Murder Victim Breaks Silence
By Awareness Times
Aug 19, 2015, 17:10

The mother of the young lady brutally murdered and sexually assaulted along Lumley Beach on 13th August 2015, has spoken out to thank the authorities as well as various pressure groups that have been working to ensure justice is done. Mariama Bockarie was speaking exclusively with Awareness Times at her residence in Eastern Freetown last evening of August 18th 2015.

“I want to thank the Government of His Excellency President Koroma, the Sierra Leone Police and the various pressure groups for the strong efforts being made to uncover who killed my daughter. Please let them keep the pressure until the truth is uncovered,” she said as she clasped various photographs of her daughter since she was a young toddler to her teenage years.


Mariama, whose words have for the first time, brought a human face to this indescribable tragedy says her daughter, Hannah Bockarie, was born in 1997 and would have turned 18 years old on 28th August this year.


Many Sierra Leoneans were appalled to wake up that morning of Thursday 13th August 2015 to an unprecedented sight of extreme violence. A young lady was found dead lying on the sand with her legs wide opened, her vagina area graphically exposed and her mouth filled with sand; apparently brutally raped and killed. It shocked the country and the government as it was gruesome and unprecedented. The Sierra Leone Police has reportedly taken the matter very seriously and investigations have led to some arrests.


Mariama explained that she had heard the news of the death of a young lady on the beach and had felt happy to learn that the Police had gone to work to speedily investigate and even arrest suspects within 24 hours. She said she had been following the news on radio and had heard the government join powerful women’s groups to take the lead in condemning the incident “but I never knew it was my own Hannah”.


Mariama Bockarie said it was only after a few days that she was finally informed by Hannah’s grandfather that indeed it was their Hannah. She said Hannah’s father died as a serving soldier during the war in an ambush at Magbosi and she was left unable to take care of Hannah as a poor widow.


“I wanted my daughter to have a good life so I handed Hannah over to my father who was also a soldier with a settled home, to care for my school-going child,” Mariama Bockarie explained. She said, her father, a retired Sergeant Major in the military explained to her that Hannah recently absconded from his residence only for them to be later informed she had been found on the beach dead.


According to the family, “bad friends” misguided their beautiful Hannah. Indeed the family’s photographs of the late woman indicate that the late Hannah was stunningly beautiful.


Meanwhile, various pressure groups are tomorrow night going to hold a candlelight march which will start at Aberdeen Roundabout and end at the scene on Lumley Beach where the corpse was found.


This is as a means of demonstrating anger over what happened that night to the late Hannah.


The women and pressure groups have received show of support from many including government authorities who are backing the calls for an end to violence against women.


According to government officials, including the Social Welfare & Gender Minister Moijue Kaikai, although it was an unprecedented occurrence on the beach but yet still even the loss of one life so brutally was unacceptable; especially on a woman subjected as well to sexual assault.


State House official Sheriff Mahmud Ismail writing on social media has urged for tomorrow’s rally in memory of Hannah to be given fullest support.

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