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London Presents New Sierra Leone Head of Chancery
By Public Information Unit (SLHC)
Aug 19, 2015, 17:06

Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom has presented the mission’s incoming Head of Chancery to staff at a meeting at the mission’s conference Hall. Edward Mohamed Turay described Alan Logan as a very young, promising and hardworking gentleman who will be replacing Obai Taylor Kamara as the mission’s new Head of Chancery.


“I call on you all to give Mr. Logan the same support and coorperation you have been giving me – he is one of us and he has come to take over from where Obai stopped,” the High Commissioner noted.


He called on the incoming HOC to work for the good of Sierra Leone for which he was posted here in London and always count on him for his support at all times.

H.E. Eddie Turay with New Chancery Head


“They say I am a controversial man but I am not – I only present things the way I see them and those who know me will agree with me on that,” the boss said.


Deputy High Commissioner Tamba Mansa Ngegba, praised the outgoing HOC, wishing him well on his new posting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


He described Obai as an erudite, dynamic, visionary and hardworking gentleman who has been very focus during the discharge of his duties.


In his remarks, Obai disclosed that he will be officially handing over as Head of Chancery to his successor on the first week of September this year and called on staff to give him the fullest support for the smooth running of the mission.


He said it was a privilege and honour working at the London mission which he described as the country’s number one diplomatic mission. Taylor Kamara also praised his staff making particular reference to the Financial Attache John Ellie, whom he said has been very supportive with him throughout his tenure.


He described the incoming HOC as one of the finest brains in the Foreign service of Sierra Leone adding that he has no doubt that he will live up to the expectation of all.


Responding, incoming Logan said coming here to work in such a high profile foreign mission is an honour for him and described his predecessor as a ‘fantastic officer’ who without doubt, is one of the finest brains not only within the foreign service but also the civil service.


“Taking over the mantle of Obai as Head of Chancery is a big shoe to fill in literally and physically as well as spiritually,” he said.


Logan called on staff to work and cooperate with him in order to bring out positive result for not only the mission but also the government of Sierra Leone, adding that he will be setting a performance track record for all staff both diplomatic and local staff, in line with standards of the foreign service.


“The President initiated a performance track record for all ministers and senior government official and we in turn at the Foreign Service have been mandated to implement the same in all of our diplomatic missions,” Logan charged.


Head of the Public Information Unit of the High Commission Sorie Sudan Sesay, described the outgoing HOC as a Fatherly figure’ who has shown great concern for the welfare of staff and wished him well in his next assignment.


He welcomed the new HOC and assured him of his department’s coorperation and support.


There were also compliments from both the Diplomatic and Local staff – all welcoming the new Chancery boss as well as paying glowing tribute to the outgoing.

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