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Sierra Leone Airport Terror Alerts : Did Bio Set Up Yumkella or is Yumkella Just Ignorant?
By Awareness Times
Aug 24, 2015, 12:12

Following the terror attacks by planes of September 11th 2001, the entire world is now with revamped security measures and especially more so at international airports. It is in this vain that anyone with experience in international matters and who has travelled as extensively as the former brutal NPRC military junta’s cabinet minister and former UN diplomat Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, should know that an appearance of weaponised security men at an international airport will raise terror alerts and cause such men to be intercepted by Police.

This is why many are bemused at what caused Yumkella to order in a number of weaponised appearing persons to try to enter Sierra Leone’s only international airport supposedly to collect him from the airport. As was to be expected of any serious airport Police division, the men who included white British national(s) were promptly detained for questioning by the Police.


In this edition are photographs of how the men were dressed that raised an alarm. They had offensive weapons like Pepper Spray on them as well as security kits and Communication Walkie-Talkies. A further Press Statement from Kandeh Yumkella has also better illustrated the dressing of the men who are under investigations.


All in Black with Bullet-Proof & Weaponised appearance, Walkie-Talkie Comunications Set and Other Gadgets

All in Black with Bullet-Proof & Weaponised appearance, Walkie-Talkie Comunications Set and Other Gadgets

One of Guards who tried to enter Airport environs with Military Camouflage Combat dress & Pepper Spray

However, what has raised eyebrows is the fact that one of the arrested men is the same man who was arrested on Elections day of 17th November 2012, carrying cutlasses as an undercover intelligence and security officer of Julius Maada Bio, the defeated SLPP presidential candidate. He was with the cutlasses right inside Bio’s jeep at the time of his arrest. He was charged to court and spent time at Pademba Road prisons. He was subsequently released recently.

Now, there is significant tension between Bio and Yumkella as the latter is contesting against the former to be the SLPP presidential candidate for next elections. So the thought of at least one of Bio’s cutlass-wielding bodyguards being amongst those deliberately dressed in such a manner to raise suspicion at the airport is curious to many. Clearly, the way the men were dressed in a weaponised manner is what caused their arrest.

So the questions now are:

Is Yumkella so ignorant of current anti-terrorism International Airport Protocols that prevent such weaponised appearance dressings at international airports


Is he so naive to have been so well set-up by Maada Bio’s team who implanted their bodyguards on him as if they were loyal to Yumkella when in reality, they just wanted to be arrested and created this serious embarrassment for Yumkella?


Whatever the answer, Dr. Yumkella of the former NPRC brutal junta and former UN diplomat is now left looking like a total daft, looking like some kind of an idiotic clown and appearing to be a naive fellow who is most unsuited for the post of President of Sierra Leone that he seeks. Meanwhile Julius Maada Bio’s penchant for violence or trickery is not a surprise to many.

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