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Sierra Leone News : Post Mortem Results of Hannah Bockarie Speaks for Itself
By Awareness Times
Aug 24, 2015, 12:10

This is a scanned copy of Post Mortem report of Hannah Bockarie, published here as requested of us by her family (age is entered as 19 instead of 17 years as that was erroneous age first recorded by Police).


Autopsy confirms her 3rd and 4th vertebrae were fractured injuring her spinal cord. Her hyoid (tongue bone), her cricoids & thyroid cartilages in her neck were also fractured leading to Pathologist concluding actual cause of death is from MANUAL STRANGULATION.


Additional findings of blunt force injury to her skull with bleeding into her brain tissue. There was no fracture of her arms or legs.



Post Mortem did not confirm presence of any sperm inside the vagina but Pathologist referenced that her vulva and vagina were torn which could indicate brutal penetration.


Very significantly, she was also suffering from other conditions including hepatospleenomegaly (swollen liver, swollen spleen) and an acutely inflamed ‘fatty’ pancreas all of which though not the actual cause of death were of significance as to her general state of health at the time she was strangled to death. These could be an indicator of pregnancy induced liver & pancreas disease. The Post-Mortem does not confirm any baby in womb but the stepfather who witnessed the autopsy tells us that milky fluid was visible to him from her nipple when her breasts were being squeezed by the doctor; An indication of possible recent pregnancy.


She was laid to rest on Sunday (August 23) at Hastings Cemetery after a Christian Memorial service with emotional & financial support from government authorities and ordinary citizens. It can be recalled Hannah was found dead on the beach on August 13th with visible signs of sexual assault. The Police and entire country are investigating as it was unprecedented.

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