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Sierra Leone Politics : SLPP MPs Rescue Party from Voters’ Scorn & Anger
By Awareness Times
Aug 28, 2015, 17:06

Parliamentarians from the main opposition SLPP have yesterday August 27th 2015, saved the image of their party from the clutches of scorn and anger of the electorates; when they decided to team up with the ruling All Peoples Congress to ratify a State of Emergency proclaimed by the President 21 days ago.


That decision to proclaim another new State of Emergency has been widely endorsed by ordinary citizens who appreciate efforts of the Head of State to do everything possible to end a nasty Ebola outbreak.


The call from SLPP Leader Chief Somano Kapen for his SLPP MPs to refuse to ratify the proclamation had caused hot anger and scorn to develop for SLPP which was accused of insensitively putting politics above the Ebola crisis.


Therefore, some detractors of SLPP had been hopeful that the SLPP parliamentarians will refuse to cooperate with APC. This lack of cooperation would have enraged citizens against the SLPP. However, the SLPP MPs yesterday, sensing pulse of citizens to overwhelmingly be to support President’s call, have rejected Kapen’s order and served the interest of their country. The proclamation for an Emergency was ratified with only insignificant handful of SLPP MPs dissenting.


“SLPP MPs have saved the image of our SLPP to the voters. We are so lucky that we have MPs who are more sensible than our elected chairman and NEC,” said one Pa Idrissa Yillah, an SLPP man in Bo who backs Dr. Yumkella.

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