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$200,000 AFCOM Scandal: Why VP Foh Must Be Very Careful
By The entire Editorial Board
Apr 22, 2016, 17:10

Awareness Times used to give free advise to the former Vice President Sam Sumana when he started to go wrong. We advised him in good faith but he reacted stupidly and instead of seeing us as genuine advisers who wished him well, he turned against us; using all his powers as Vice President and his media, political and other allies to try to discredit us.


This newspaper gives as good as it gets; and even better sometimes! So we dealt with that “VP ASS” when he crossed the line with us.


We today want to advise our well-respected Honourable Vice President Dr. Victor Bockarie Foh to be very careful of some of his associates - especially a certain Sudanese chap who was heard recently boasting that he travelled with the Vice President few months back to an Arab speaking country where a translator was needed.


The $200,000 VSAT district Internet contract scandal is something we have no intention of going easy on. We have all the documents in our possession.


So we want to caution that Mr. Adel Suleiman of AfCOM should not be allowed to mess up the name of the Hon. VP Foh. Let AfCOM carry its cross and explain itself to the authorities. This is NOT a political matter.


The Vice President should distance himself from any attempt by AfCOM crooks to boast that they have links with the sitting VP. This is a matter concerning the welfare of the children of Sierra Leone! The children are our future. We repeat, the children of this country deserve better than they have been served by AfCOM crooks like the Sudanese Adel Suleiman. In addition, our Honourable VP Dr. Foh deserves to not be associated with another hot scandal.


This newspaper fears NOBODY when we are in the cause for the people of Sierra Leone and we cannot be distracted when we stand focused to handle issues.


In this case, the Sudanese owned AfCOM has a serious case to answer with regards a malfunctioning system that they have collected around half a billion leones for and for which they had even submitted an Invoice asking UNICEF to pay them over seven hundred million leones.


But for the timely appointment of Dr. Sylvia Blyden as Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs, the Sudanese and other crooks at AfCOM would have collected that cash. Thankfully, she has unearthed the crooked deal in which a contract for high speed VSAT has been converted to a shabby radio point to point link that is not fit for purpose. Daylight Robbery by the crooks at AfCOM!


If anyone at AfCOM thinks their closeness to VP Foh and maybe other APC folks, is going to save them from the wrath of this newspaper in seeking justice for the children of Sierra Leone, then they are mistaken.

Meanwhile, we again want to urge th
e Honourable Vice President Foh to walk carefully. This is not the Lebanon trash scandal that was swept under the carpet. The VP has bigger and more credible things to look up to in the near future. Associating himself with the likes of AfCOM crooks who sign a contract for VSAT installation to be done nationwide in 3 weeks - only to end up shamelessly breaching the contract, is not a wise thing.

We hope VP Foh will take our advise in good faith.


But if again, he does not take it in good faith, we are unruffled. We have our focus.

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