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As Hon. Sylvia Blyden stands firm... APC now Alleged to Have TIFFMAN Dem Undermining President
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Jul 26, 2016, 17:12

A recording broadcast by FM98.1 and utterances in a recording of one fake civil society activist, allege that senior functionaries of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) are determined to undermine His Excellency President Ernest Koroma by working to cover up the criminal conspiracy case against a foreigner from Sudan named Adel Suliman. The foreigner is accused by Hon. Cabinet Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden of having connived with local civil servants to conspire to defraud donor funds.


It can be recalled that according to the mountain of evidence now being investigated by the Sierra Leone Police, even His Excellency the President was misled by the Sudanese's co-conspirators who were desperate to unlawfully scoop huge sums of dollars in a multi million dollars project. The project was a nationwide project to protect welfare of the children of Sierra Leone.

Apparently sensing the high levels of unpatriotism amongst some Sierra Leoneans, Mr. Adel Suliman, the Sudanese foreigner with what seems to be scant respect for the President of Sierra Leone, joined the conspiracy to defraud donor funds.

In return for such a criminal attempt, FM98.1 and other fake civil society activists now allege senior APC officials are supporting the Sudanese foreigner Adel Suliman against the Welfare of the Children of Sierra Leone.


Meanwhile, Hon. Dr. Blyden told the Monologue programme last weekend that her crusade against the corrupt foreigner from Sudan and civil servants in her office was being done in line with the APC manifesto upon which the President was elected.

"I am merely doing what we promised the APC will do if we are elected. If I did not take these steps but let them continue to mislead the President that the Child Protection system was functioning well, then God Almighty will punish me," the no-nonsense Minister Blyden stated. This newspaper until press time, was trying to reach the APC party headquarters for an official reaction to the allegations as stated. Whilst APC headquarters is yet to issue a disclaimer distancing the party from such evil, it is a fact that many of the party officials are currently out on a diaspora tour which could explain the silence. We are closely monitoring the unfolding situation. The comprehensive letter of complaint itself is published in this edition.

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