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Surrur Wages War on Social Media... Drags Civil Service to Gutters
By Special Social Media Monitor
Aug 2, 2016, 17:14

On the front page of today's edition is a snapshot of what the Head of Sierra Leone's Civil Service was up to last night of August 1st 2016. Dr. Ernest S. A. Surrur, the appointed Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service was last night using his recognized phone number of +232-76-622225 with his name boldly tagged on, to post some 'rarrayboy' (gutter) language materials against the Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs Dr. Sylvia Blyden.


An awful and offensive Op-Ed written by a mercenary writer, Amara Keifala with pen name of Kef Dukulay was last night being gleefully shared by Surrur using his own phone number. Whilst the chartered mercenary can be forgiven as he is looking for his daily bread, the act of Surrur going so low as to be sharing the piece on social media is astounding to many.



Many on Whatsapp groups were appalled and said they are shocked to the bone to see how low the Civil Service boss sank. It is clear that last Saturday's hot truthful criticisms by Hon. Blyden about the ill-fitted state of the Civil Service has hit the right chords where it really matters. Ordinary citizens from all walks of life, are full of open endorsement of Hon. Blyden for standing up to identify one of the Achilles Heels of His Excellency the President - that is, a civil service that was not fit for purpose. A civil service in which the Head of Civil Service has reduced himself to a liberal sprinkler of abusive words like "Humpty Dumpty this" and "Humpty Dumpty that".


See the screenshot picture. Until press time last night, many have continued to express utter disbelief at the low standards of the Civil Service boss. This is the act of the man leading our current Civil Service.

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