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Sierra Leone: Why Always Port Loko? Why? Why?
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Aug 12, 2016, 17:10

Port Loko is in the news again and for all the wrong reasons, this time around Social Welfare ministry. I am speaking of my beloved home district of Port Loko where my mother, my father, all my grandparents and my entire ancestry hail from.

I don’t need to recall the recent unfortunate incidents in Port Loko especially around our President and Bai Bureh Hall nor can I forget the saga of Lunsar elections. Just as the dust settles, just as we are all happy again in Port Loko, there comes Port Loko again.


This time it is the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs accused by Ebola Survivors of trying to drive a wedge between Port Loko survivors and their national executive. The Ebola Survivors are very, very angry with her.


It is not only Ebola survivors. The Bondo Women are also very angry with her. Just last weekend, the Deputy Minister Neneh was making herself into a public caricature in a traditional court case with Bondo Women that forced Paramount Chief Koblo Queen to intervene to restore her respect. A deputy minister reduced herself to dragging Lunsar Bondo women to chief court Barray because they stormed the ministry chanting songs against her. She had been under impression the Bondo women were paid to sing against her. At the end, her dear father had to beg pardon last weekend for her when it turned out her AIM organization that Abdul Salaam and the lady still signs withdrawal for at Commercial Bank, offended the Bondo Women with her organization’s utterances.

What benefits will any one get out of going on television to publicly say Bondo Women are “not sweet” during mating?


The other day, it was the president of a children group in Port Loko accused of sending uncouth threats at 2am in the morning into the phone of the Honourable Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs. At 2am. Just imagine! And for what? The minister laments she had no idea over. Our Port Loko Children being used.


The last time I was in Port Loko for the SLIBS Retreat, I saw women holding placards demonstrating against the President for not empowering women more. I shook my head and wondered why only in Port Loko? Our Port Loko Women being used.


The deputy minister and the ministry’s director of social welfare Mr. Kabia both hail from Lunsar together - in Port Loko. We all know what Kabia recently did.

Port Loko and Social Welfare Ministry. Hmmmm.


Port Loko, Port Loko, Port Loko; how many times have I called out to you? Errant Port Loko indigenes should stop putting us to shame.

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