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Sierra Leone News : Parliament Endorses Cargo Tracking Agreement to Rebrand SLPA
By Jeneba V. Kabba
Feb 3, 2017, 12:04

The House of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone on Thursday 2nd February 2017, has ratified the Cargo Tracking Note Agreement to give a facelift on the facilities of the Sierra Leone Port Authority.

According to the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Honourable Leonard Balogun Koroma “the Government of Sierra Leone is tremendously building upon strong business reform strategies for the Sierra Leone Port Authority (SLPA) that will benefit the Sierra Leonean populace with a clear objective of improving productivity, customer service delivery, capacity delivery and overall financial and operational performance in compliance with International Standards.”

He added that the Cargo Tracking Note were introduced following an earlier attack as a means to improve on security around marine shipments and to create a system of verifying the contents of every cargo and tracking between ports. He went further that “in Sierra Leone it now a policy that every cargo travelling by sea must be issued with a CTN camera by an approved agents prior to departure.” Adding that as part of the agreement so far reached by the government and its partners it now a procedure that all licensed providers of the said service must conform to the rules of International best practice.


Hon. Koroma affirmed that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and all stakeholders in the maritime Industry seek to facilitate the Seamless Marine Transportation that will guarantee the safety of human and marine life together with goods, vessels, ports and environment. He disclosed that the Government of Sierra Leone being a signatory to the International Shipping and Port Security Code has undertaken measures to implement the most important requirement in respect of the advance Cargo declaration through the Sierra Leone Port Authority and has granted approval for the implementation of the CTN project in Sierra Leone.


Adding that the Cargo Tracking Note system has being in operation for a long time in continental Europe ,America and Asia and has been adopted by most countries in the sub-region like Guinea ,Nigeria ,Ghana and other parts of Africa .


The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Chernor Bah urged the minister and the stakeholder to go by the agreement of the Cargo Tracking Note System so that it will not affect negatively the government and its people.

Hon. Rado Yakie commended the Minister of Transport for the good work they have started. However, he said that they will monitor its implementation during their oversight functions.

Other Members of Parliament also made meaningful contributions.

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