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Mar 24, 2017, 17:02





Plan is an international child centered humanitarian organization, which strives for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. In Sierra Leone, Plan’s focus is on education, health, youth and children’s empowerment backed by advocacy work that engages policy makers and the affected communities in dialogue on issues of inequality to promote lasting development.


For the implementation of its projects and programmes, Plan International Sierra Leone purchases goods and services and its quest for constant efficiency, has decided to develop a supplier database in support of its operations. Once developed, this database will be valid for three (3) years with annual updates that will imply exclusion of poor performing suppliers and inclusion of new suppliers who meet the same criteria.


Plan International Sierra Leone is therefore issuing this request for expression of interest to suppliers, service providers, consultants whether individuals or firms and whoever has the qualification and  good track records in one or many of the domains listed below.


To be deemed receivable, each Expression of Interest (EOI) should include the following as a minimum:

1. An application letter drafted according to a template available upon request

2. A consistently filled structured questionnaire which is available upon request

3. A declaration letter drafted according to a template available upon request

4. A valid National Revenue Authority (NRA) Tax Clearance Certificate

5. A valid National Social Security Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Clearance Certificate

6. A valid Business Registration certificate

7. A copy of a valid registration of Incorporation

8. Certificates of satisfactory completion of similar works as the one applied for.


Templates announced above can be obtained either by sending a mail to or by claiming physical copies at the reception of the Country Office of Plan International Sierra Leone at the address stated below.


Interested qualified and experienced suppliers, consultants and service providers can submit Expression of Interest for one or more domains, provided that for each domain, they submit the set of documents required above. In case of submission for more than one domain, original copies of documents numbered 4 to 7 will be furnished once. They will be replaced by photocopies in all the remaining EOIs. A written indication on such copies will state where to find the original. 


Plan International Sierra Leone reserves the right to reject all or part of EOI received or to cancel the whole process without this opening right to whoever may claim any loss or reparation.


Expressions of Interest must be delivered no later than Friday 31ST March 2017 at 11:00 AM in sealed envelopes super-scribing “EOI for development of suppliers database - “mention the domain” to the Country Office of Plan International Sierra Leone at the following address:


Country Office

Plan International Sierra Leone

6 Cantonment Road Off King Harman Road

P O Box: 245 Freetown.

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