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Village Chief Finally Testifies in the Alleged Murder of APC Youth
By Henry Mattia
May 5, 2017, 17:12

The murder case of late All Peoples Congress (APC) youth, Mohamed Taimeh 6 resumes in Kenema Magistrate Court, in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone on Tuesday 2nd May 2017, before Principal Magistrate Alhaji Koroma, for which the village chief of Kajama Village finally appeared to testify in the case.


Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the chief had failed to appear in court for two consecutive hearings, prompting the presiding magistrate to issue a bench warrant for the chief during the last adjourned hearing.


The village chief of Kajama village, Kenema District, in his testimony, told the open court that the accused persons had arrived with the body of the deceased, claiming that they wanted to initiate him. He said, he noticed that the man was already dead even before he was brought to his village for the traditional Poro initiation.


In addition, the chief identified all seven accused persons and many others who ran away on that fateful night.


After submitting his statement in court, the Kajama Village Chief was cross examined by Lawyer Gbaya of the Legal Aid Board. Whilst cross examining, the lawyer asked the chief how he not bring a medical doctor, did determine that the deceased was dead when the accused persons arrived with him for the Poro initiation.


In response, the chief was very furious at the lawyer and told the open court that it was on the manner in which the accused appeared with the deceased that did not pleased him, as they tied him up, with his mouth stuff and series of body injuries. He confirmed that it was then that he went to look at the deceased and noticed he was dead.


The matter was adjourned to the 10th May, 2017 for an overview whether to be charged to high court.

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