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Sierra Leone News : Country Director of ‘FORIKOLO’ e.v Sierra Leone Poises to do More
By Emmanuel I. Kamara
May 10, 2017, 17:02

The Country Director of FORIKOLO e.v Sierra Leone, a Non-Governmental Organization, Abu Mansaray has embarked on massive development in the Port Loko district in the Northern part of Sierra Leone.


In an exclusive interview with Awareness Times Newspaper, Mr. Abu Mansaray said his organization was born out of the desire to help the people of Sierra Leone. Her said it was formed in 2003 in Germany with his colleagues after they have come to monitor the 2002 presidential election. He said, he studied in Germany. He narrated that when they came to Sierra Leone after the war, they saw the sufferings of the people and they decided to form the ‘FORIKOLO’ e.v SL chapter which means ‘Respect for Elders from the SUSU tribe’



“We went back to Germany and decided to come together to help our people based on what we have witnessed in our tour across the country” Mr. Mansaray said.


The ‘FORIKOLO’ Country Director went on that since the inception of the organization, which has now clocked fifteen (15) years of uninterrupted service to the nation in different areas. In education, they have built and furnished fourteen schools, in health, they have built and currently running a health clinic in KAalagba Junction that is doing well. He continued that during the Ebola scourge, they distributed medicines, medical equipment and food items to Kafu Bullom, Lokomasama and BKM chiefdoms that worth over seventy million Leones. In the agriculture sector, he said they are also helping vegetable farmers, ‘FORIKOLO’ e.v Sierra Leone have built bakeries in different communities that have provided jobs for hundreds of young people both male and female in Portloko district, have provided furniture and school materials and many more.


Mr. Mansaray maintained that they got support from their sister organization based in Germany, ‘FORIKOLO’ e.v German, it is the sole sponsor of ‘FORIKOLO’ e.v Sierra Leone.


The villages/towns and chiefdoms that have benefited from this organization in Education, Health, Agriculture, business to name but few, in Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom are; Maloko, Gbanti, Lungi Town and Conakry Dee, in Lokomasama Chiefdom are; Forikolo, Komrabai, Kalangba Junction, Yuruka, Shekaya, Musaya, Morthang, Robenk, Bailor Wharf, Masulaimani, in BKM Chiefdom are; Rotifunk Kasseh, they have done a lot in all these communities. “We have also provided solar panels in some of these schools to help children with their studies who needs light during the night.


The FORIKOLO Country Director further noted that they have received series of calls from other parts of the country like Kambia, Bombali, Bo, Kenema, and Kono districts. “I continue to receive calls daily to reach these areas. We are considering their requests but due to limited resources, we don’t want to start what we can end. We will really get to other needy areas as we have exhausted most of the areas I highlighted above” he said.


When asked by this reporter whether he has a political ambition, Mr. Abu Mansaray said yes because base on what he is doing in the district, stakeholders in the district have called him to be their next member of Parliament come 2018. “Many say, I am not into politics and I have done plenty with my connection, if come to politics now, they believe I will do more. But I am yet to decide which seat I should run for. because calls are coming from different constituencies in Kaffu Bullom and Lokomasama in the Portloko district. Mr. Mansaray proudly said he will be running under the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) Party. He ended that he registered in the APC in 2011 as Honorary Executive Member.

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