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Sierra Leone News : IJ Kabbah Says Office Stormed by PAOPA Gang
By Emmanuel I. Kamara & John Koroma
May 10, 2017, 17:14

Office of the wife of former President Late Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, Mrs. Isata Jabbie-Kabbah has on Tuesday 9th May 2017 been allegedly stormed and vandalized by Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) PAOPA thugs at Walpole Street, Central Part of Freetown.

Meanwhile, the Paopa group is a fraction of the SLPP, whose members are considered as supporters of the 2012 presidential candidate for the party, Maada Bio. In Lingua Franka, “Paopa” means those who seek power at all cost.


In a telephone interview with the Awareness Times Newspaper, Mrs. IJ Kabbah, as she is fondly called, explained that she was in her office in the afternoon hours of Tuesday May 9th 2017, when she heard noisy crowd, whom she said were believed to be from the PAOPA fraction of the SLPP. “I was not in Court today as I was in my Walpole Street office. Immediately after the Court Seating, I heard a noisy crowd using motherly invectives words on the mother of Lawyer Dabor, and they chased Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tenjan-Sie. They rushed into my office with stones and other offensive weapons,” Mrs. Kabbah explained.


IJ Kabbah, who also is the former SLPP Women’s Leader went on that, those thugs persistently abused her and her mother with unprintable words. IJ Kabbah said one of her office windows was smashed and his younger brother, Mohamed Jabbie was pelted with stones until he had to run for his life. Madam Kabbah however hailed the timely intervention of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) who came to their rescue and made some arrests. Mrs. Kabbah added “these misguided thugs were caught with the T-Shirt of Julius Maada Bio, whom according to many, has not been in good terms with IJ Kabbah..

However, Awareness Times Newspaper also contacted the Acting Public Relations Officer of the SLPP,  Lahai Lawrence Leema who is also believed to be a PAOPA support to respond to the allegation. He said the allegation is not up to his knowledge and he could not comment further.


It could be recalled that some senior party members of the SLPP had sued a matter of constitutionality in their party to the High Court which later went to the Appeals Court of Sierra Leone for redress. This matter was brought before the Appeals Court on Tuesday 9th May 2017.


After hearing from both submissions from the Lead Appellant Lawyer  Banja Tejan-Sie and the Lead Defense Counsel Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esp, the three Appeals Court Judges; Honorable Justice Reginald Fynn, Honorable Justice Alusine Sesay and Honorable Justice Allan Holloway yesterday Tuesday May 9th2017 at a well-attended court session in Freetown have adjourned the case  between Alusine Bangura, Alex Kargbo and Victor Sheriff  against the defendants Chief Somano Kapen, Ambassador Alie Badara, Honourable Suluku, Manso Dumbuya, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu and Honourable Tundoneh in  the conducts of the SLPP  lower level elections of  November 26th 2016 to a date to be determined by the court.

Against this backdrop, IJ Kabbah said that the adjournment of the final ruling by the Appeals Court, which had had an injunction on all activities of the SLPP, means that all activities of the party are now in a halt with merely few months to the general elections in the country.

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