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Sierra Leone News : Murder via Abuse of Sacred Poro now in High Court
By Abdul Malik Bangura
May 11, 2017, 17:16

The murder via abuse of sacred Poro Society case of All Peoples Congress (APC) youth, Late Mohamed Taimeh six at the Kenema Magistrate Court preceded over by Magistrate Alhaji Koroma, has on Wednesday 10th May 2016, been committed to the High Court of Sierra Leone for trial.


Speaking in an open court yesterday afternoon, Magistrate Alhaji Koroma made pronouncement that having looked into all the evidence and the file adduced in court by the prosecution team, the matter, he said, is a very serious one and it has all its takes to get hearing at the high court.



In addition, the Magistrate, whilst detaining the seven accused persons at the Kenema Correctional Centre, said that the Master and Registrar of the Court of Sierra Leone will communicate a date as to when the accused persons could start their trials there.


Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the Awareness Times Newspaper had in its earlier editions published that a bunch of seven men alleged to have brutally executed late Mohamed Taimeh 6 who was a famous APC youth in Kenema until his murder, were on March 9th 2017, been arraigned in front of the Magistrate Law Courts in Kenema for the first time. The men are alleged to have tortured Taimeh to death under the guise of forcefully taking him to the sacred Poro society bush for initiation. The alleged abuse of the respectable Poro society by the men facing trial, is said to have seriously upset the traditional Poro chiefs in Kenema who speedily intercepted the accused and handed them over to the State authorities.


Awareness Times Newspaper can also confirm that the Poro chiefs have testified in court during the hearing, that they do not want their society to be stained so they were totally distancing legitimate and respected Poro activities from the cruel murder of Taimeh.

The ne
wspaper, has reported throughout the murder hearing at the magistrate court, and can also confirm that it intends to also closely follow up the matter at the high court and report diligently on that trial for the general public to follow the proceedings of this all-important case.

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