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SLPP Yumkellas Embarrass Dad's Memory with Pettiness
By Abdul Malik Bangura
May 15, 2017, 12:10

Two Yumkella brothers, Foday and Kandeh are embarrassing their late fatherís memory with pettiness over what seems to be firstly, a family court case for the late manís properties and secondly, Politics. The two are members of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

The wife of the elder brother Foday is the sister to Alpha Wurie who is touted as running mate to SLPP presidential candidate frontrunner Maada Bio. But Kandeh, the younger brother, is bitter rival to Bio as Kandeh also wants that SLPP presidential candidate ticket.

Grievances reached climax past weekend when elder brother, Foday Yumkella openly endorsed Maada Bio against Kandeh for the SLPP ticket. Kandeh, who has for so long been abroad, is considered by many as a novice in Sierra Leone politics. Until this 2017, Kandeh has never voted nor even been registered to vote in any elections since he was born.

Bio's team has quickly capitalised on the matter to hit at Kandeh for which Kandeh also reacted. Please see inside this edition for Release from Bio's team. We will bring you the reaction from Kandeh in tomorrow edition.


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Two Yumkella brothers,Foday and Kandeh are embarrassing their late father'smemory

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