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As he reacts to recent physical attacks on party members… JOB reveals SLPP has Thugs, Killers and Drug Addicts
By Abdul Malik Bangura
May 16, 2017, 17:10

Former chairman and leader of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), John Oponjo Benjamin has on Sunday 14th May 2017, during an exclusive interview with Awareness Times Newspaper revealed, that there are thugs, killers and Drug Addicts in the SLPP.


Mr. Benjamin, who is fondly called JOB, made this statement whilst reacting to the recent increase in violence at the SLPP for which opponents of the Paopa camp of the party are physically attacked, and some eventually ended-up being killed in cold blood.


John Oponjo Benjamin fears for his life after been a target once in Kenema City


Meanwhile, it is worthy to note that the Paopa group is a fraction of the SLPP, whose members are considered as supporters of the 2012 presidential candidate for the party, Maada Bio. Both Maada Bio and John Oponjo Benjamin are presently aspiring for the SLPP Presidential ticket for the 2018 elections.


Whilst lamenting on the issue of thugs, killers and drug addicts in the SLPP, John Benjamin, who has been a victim of personal attack on his life by an alleged bodyguard of Maada Bio, recalled a deadly evening in the eastern regional headquarters of Kenema of which his supporter was stabbed to death by an alleged supporter of Maada Bio.  He named Julius Maada Bio, SLPP 2012 presidential candidate; Joseph Samba Keifala, Mayor Kenema City Council; Fokai Demby, popular businessman in Kenema; Hon. Mohamed Lansana Kallon, former Member of Parliament in Segbwema (Constituency 007); Dr. Senesie Mansaray, Chairman Kenema District Council and Mohamed Fonnie, alleged assailant; for funding thugs and aiding them to be addicted to drugs, before perpetrating violence during a peacemaking SLPP meeting at Sinava Guest House, Kenema Town, that thus led to the killing of his supporter. Although Maada Bio in a press statement dated Saturday 28th May, 2016, had condemned the killing, referring to it as “unacceptable, unnecessary and unjustified,” and Mayor Kaifala during an interview with this writer had said, "I am the Mayor of Kenema, therefore I am open to anyone who comes here. I was not where the incident took place at NP Blama Road. Anyone who accuses me of involving in the confrontation is misleading you," but the recent attacks of the wife of former SLPP’s President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah at her office, and Mr. Franklyn Rogers in court building, JOB said that is a course for concern.


Maada Bio – Desperate for power, even to kill his political opponents


He therefore called on the Sierra Leone Police to be extremely vigilant in dealing with issues revolving the SLPP. He said “the SLPP has become a very dangerous group, which now breeds thugs, killers and drug addicts,” therefore, he advised that the police and other state security bodies to tighten their responses to issues regarding SLPP. “Police should not wait until another one of us is killed before taking actions,” John Benjamin cries for help.


Meanwhile, all efforts to contact the National Publicity Secretary of SLPP, who is also a Paopa, to react to the claims made by JOB, did prove fruitless, but Awareness Times Newspaper would publish his side when we are able to reach him, or other Paopas.


Poor Daddy George with internal organs out. But who is next?

Mohamed Fonnie- Bodyguard of Maada Bio who was alleged to have stabbed John Benjamin’s supporter. But how many of his kinds are currently in SLPP?

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