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Sierra Leone News : Raymond Gbekie turns SMEs Boss
May 17, 2017, 17:12

As President Koroma continues to empower the youths, the current dynamic and young Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA), Raymond Kai Gbekie (aka the Economic CEO) has been appointed into another capacity as CEO of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development Agency.


According to State House source, Government is putting modalities in place to capacitate and improve SME Development Agency into a reliable institution in order to increased indigenous processing of local raw materials to create more wealth and value added chain for the country and Ryamond has been earmarked as someone with the ability to drive the SMEs to a fruitful destination.  It could be noted that Government is spending billions of Leones to coughing the importation of imported foods to march with the economic well-being of the citizenry. It is also clear that Sierra Leone is importing more commodities than exporting them and this has caused a gap in the foreign exchange rates. 


A letter dated 11th May 2017 indicated that Raymond Kai Gbekie has been appointed by President Koroma to serve in the new capacity as CEO, SMEs. The correspondence reads "Raymond Kai Gbekie is kindly advised to contact the Clerk of Parliament who will arrange a meeting with the Committee on Appointment and Public Service to consider your appointment" it revealed.


After his approval by Parliament, Raymond is expected to create and promote a conducive environment for SMEs to fully operate and thrive. His specific objectives as new CEO includes the development of SMEs through support measures aimed at boosting competitiveness. He is also expected to enhance the development of SMEs productive capacities through increase indigenous processing of local raw materials to create more wealth and value added chain. Putting in place suitable funding systems and promoting indigenous and direct foreign investment as well as resources mobilization and diversification of the financial investments needed for the creation and rehabilitation of SMEs Development Agency.


It could be recalled since he assumed office as CEO of SLIEPA, Raymond together with his staff and management made so many achievements.  During his tenure, SLIEPA was represented at ever forum that has to do with investment and export promotion. Raymond as CEO of SLIEPA brought Laurent to Sierra Leone as he used to excel at numerous international conferences as was always able to put the county on the map alongside other developed countries that have made progress in investment and export promotions.

Therefore his new appointment will not be a surprise to many people because of his abundant achievements which are very beneficial to the state.The would-be CEO used this opportunity to thanked President Koroma and assured the SMEs of better improvement.

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