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Sierra Leone News : Harvest Season Of Graduation Ends at USL
By Munda Rogers PRO - USL
May 17, 2017, 17:04

The University of Sierra Leone has organized two congregations for the class of 2015/16 students at the Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre on the 22nd of April and 13th May 2017. During the first congregation, USL conferred degrees and approved the award of diplomas and certificates on 1,478 graduates of Fourah Bay College. The congregation of 13th May included 41 doctors, 22 pharmacists, 19 medical laboratory and pharmacy technicians and 232 nurses from COMAHS whilst 1,200 graduates were conferred with various degrees from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), including four graduates from LICCSAL Business College, an affiliate of the University of Sierra Leone, and the School of Postgraduate Studies. Approval was also given for the award of various diplomas and certificates. 




The second congregation was graced by three special guests of the Acting Vice-Chancellor &    Principal, Bishop Dr. Abu Koroma of Flaming Evangelical Ministries, Alhaji Dr. Alpha Khan from the Government of Sierra Leone and the Mayor of the Kenema City Council, His Worship Mayor J.S Kelfala. The Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre was full of parents, guardians and loved ones from across the country who demonstrated their support to the graduates. No doubt that multiple congregations have been necessitated by the increase in number of graduands, a consequence of increased access of students to the University.     


“An increasing student population indicates increased demand for higher education and access to the University. This has a number of implications and consequences including the need to transform existing pedagogical and managerial approaches, develop new modes of interaction with students who are coming to the University much younger, provide appropriate teaching and learning resources, provide adequate state-of-the art physical facilities and improve the general environment for learning” says Professor Ekundayo J.D. Thompson, Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal of USL in his congregation speech. He also warned that, “if not creatively managed, the increased student population could detract from our efforts to maintain and improve quality”.


Officers of USL pose for a photograph with graduates


Special guests at congregation






View of the Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre

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