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Sierra Leone News : Protecting Girls from Circumcision Takes Centerstage in Waterloo Today
By Abdul Malik Bangura
May 19, 2017, 17:10

Government of Sierra Leone is today Friday 19th May 2017, going to team up with Soweis of the Bondo Society in a Grand National event to be held in Waterloo that will see officials from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Children's Affairs (MSWGCA) use the chance to propagate His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma's policy on Female Circumcision also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).


Speaking to the Awareness Times Newspaper on behalf of the Honourable Minister, Fatmata Kargbo who is the Officer in charge of FGM issues at MSWGCA thanked Sowies from all over Sierra Leone for coming up with the initiative to assemble together so that they could embrace the opportunity to share government’s policy on the practice of FGM/C in their respective communities and districts.  She therefore called on practitioners of the Bondo initiation to disseminate government’s policies and ensure compliance by their membership.


Furthermore, speaking to us also, Madam Hawa Gbao, who is a Consultant Adviser to Hon. Minister Blyden, highlighted a summary of Government’s policy on FGM to be “Sierra Leone respects Bondo Society as one of the traditional institutions that contributes to the development of the country but Government of President Koroma wants the Bondo Society to respect rights of girls to first reach the age of 18 years before they can request to be initiated or reject to join".


Meanwhile it is believed that the Grand National Event in Waterloo today is to urge Sowies to help government to police their communities. Such self-policing of fellow Soweis will ensure that they all comply with the government policy on FGM which is to protect the girls and respect the adult women.

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