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Sierra Leone News : Salpost MD outlines achievements
May 24, 2017, 17:12

The Consultant Managing Director of the Sierra Leone Postal Service Limited (SALPOST), Samuel Koroma, has disclosed that lot has been remarkably achieved by the entity since he took over office in 2012.


According to the consultant, when President Koroma took over power in 2007, there was nothing to write home about except the moribund offices, inundated with archaic products replica of colonial legacies.


“Majority of the staff cannot still fit in current postal service as they are challenged by age as well as level of education,” he disclosed to the Sierra Leone Daily Mail.  Samuel said he inherited several problems that have transformed into growing demands dated as far back as 2007. He disclosed that many workers had over 3 years backlogs, retirees went without benefits, resignees and deceased families had lost hope, but when he took over with the support of the current government some of these problems were fixed. He said an unexpected increment of salaries saw the least workers, including the cleaners, now taking home over a million Leone which is far different from many other MDAs.


He told our reporter that the working environment for Salpost’s workers has drastically changed and dilapidated offices were transformed into perfect structures. He said offices in Bo City, Kenema City, Makeni City and Freetown, which is still undergoing renovation. He said the previous premises were very derogatory and almost discouraged customers.


The consultant said most of the staff are efficient and hardly sort out mail but they receive salaries on monthly basis and as recent as he spoke to this press the management does not owe them a dime for salaries. “All what they were making the cacophony for are old backlog and other problems which I met,” he revealed.


He said besides the renovation of the offices the post office can now boast of bus services plying daily from Freetown via the provinces.


However a strike worker, Charlie Wright, who doubles as the Chief Shop Steward, said since the Consultant MD took office 5 years ago, his achievements are little or nothing to consider.

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