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Sierra Leone News : Methodist Girls’ High School Global Alumnae Fundraiser
May 24, 2017, 17:02

Former students of the Methodist Girls’ High School in Freetown who are now living and working abroad have formed a new organization called the Methodist Girls High School Global Alumnae.


The organization, which was formed six months ago in November 2016, now has a membership of 200 worldwide.


Khadija Jalloh-Beatty is one of the leaders of the new organization and she told the Patriotic Vanguard that their mission is to transform their Alma mater in Freetown and to help the present students in whatever way they can.



Their priorities for now are to renovate the school library, the computer lab, the bathrooms and to provide a safe playground for the students.


The USA branch of the organization recently organized a fundraiser in Maryland. They marched through the streets to create awareness and later had a dinner and dance.


The Methodist Girls’ High School is one of the leading and oldest secondary schools in Sierra Leone and one of the first few exclusively for girls in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone.

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