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Tribute to Femi Turner – The Unsung Hero of the 50/50 Group
May 25, 2017, 17:00

The news of the death of Mr. Michael Femi Turner came as a shock and big blow to all of us members of the 50/50 Group. We will be forever grateful to him for the free professional services rendered to the organisation during the construction of our building at Tower Hill. Femi continued to show interest in the building and was never tired of our constant demand on his time and expertise. I remember him quietly observing our building – from pointing that the man who fixed the temporary roof to prevent our electricals from being damaged in the rain did not do it well – to promising during my last conversation with him the week before his death, that he will visit next week to observe the current tiling work and advise on the demarcation of the land. He was our unsung hero, who did all of this without fanfare and never asked us for a penny for labour in return. He won us over with his selflessness, caring and giving personality, and he will always occupy a space in our hearts.


Our Femi Turner was such a bubbly person, so full of life and vitality - it was contagious. He had a zest for life, completely devoted to taking care of his health and that Church in Hamilton!!!. He loved that Church and often invited us to their service. We remain eternally grateful to him and salute him for his love and commitment to the promotion of womanhood in Sierra Leone. He was with us through thick and thin, putting up with our “hambugging”. He was a brother, a friend and our Technical Adviser.



“He leaves us this great heritage of remembering joy.

He still lives in our hearts

In the happiness we knew and in the dreams of the 50/50 building we shared.”



Safely in the arms of Jesus, safe in his gentle breast, There by his love o’ershadowed, sweetly your soul shall rest. Safe from the world’s temptations where  sin cannot harm you. You are now free from the blight of sorrow, free from all doubts and fears!


Femi, bravo for a job well done! You have achieved all there is to achieve on this earth.


May God grant you eternal rest and PEACE! 


By Nemata Majeks-Walker and Haja Alima Abdullah

On behalf of the Executive and members of the 50/50 Group of Sierra Leone

© Copyright 2005, Freetown, Sierra Leone.