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Sierra Leone News : Diakonia Theological College Holds 2nd Annual Leaders Seminar
By Elias Bangura
May 25, 2017, 17:04

Diakonia Theological College (DTC) has held its second annual leaders seminar at The Temple of Truth Ministry at Wellington, on Saturday 20 May 2017, east of Freetown.


Welcoming the guests and participants to the program, Pastor Joseph Conteh, said he is pleased to welcome everyone to the event.

He said the name of the college, “Diakonia” is a Greek word that means “service”; and that in Sierra Leone there is a great need to clearly interpret God’s Word to church leaders who can then preach it to their different congregations.


Pastor Joseph Conteh said the program is an interactive session - with four segments. The first segment will focus on the ‘Pastor’s Responsibility’; the second on the ‘Deity of Christ’; the third is ‘The Great Commission’; and the final segment is ‘Enhancing the Power of Speech.’


DTC is a collection of pastors and bible teachers from different ministries with a desire to teach God’s Word for free. It is presently located at 14A Taylor Street at Wellington, eastern Freetown. Currently it has an enrollment of 50 students, and classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


Delivering the first Session of the program, Rev Daniel Bockreh Koroma (from the Countess of Huntingdon Mission) said the ‘Pastors Responsibility’ is a great one. He said people are not fond of reading, and if pastors don’t read then there’s a problem because the information you pass on depends on the level of information you have read.


“Preach the Word (2 Timothy 3:2) - a word that you should first of all read, otherwise it will amount to nothing. Many just preach without reading and listening to the Great Teacher, which is the Holy Spirit.


The remainder speakers - Pastor Joseph Conteh (Heart of Christ Evangelical Ministry), Rev Samuel Kamara (Assemblies of God Mission), and Bro. Cyril Juxon-Smith (Christ Embassy) - spoke in like manner detailing from the scriptures, reasons bordering on their topics - all in the hope of building up believers and church leaders who could know and disseminate God’s Word as the Holy Spirit gives them utterance as and when the situation avails itself.


Principal of DTC, Rev Samuel Kamara, said the college was formed to teach God’s Word; to bridge the gap of disunity, as Jesus Christ didn’t die for a few people but for all.


Presently DTC has 50 students, comprising of pastors and church workers who have a keen desire to know more of God’s Word.


DTC at the moment has no structure or building of its own. They are presently using Joshua International School at 26 Campbell Street, Wellington, east of Freetown, as their office and lecture centre - but they have long term plans to secure land for the erection of a permanent structure as a learning zone where more students could be enrolled.

Several personalities who were behind the success of the seminar include Rev Magnus Bendu of the Countess of Huntingdon Mission, Pastor Jeremiah Issa Conteh, among others.

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