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Parliament of Turkey to Establish Friendship with Sierra Leone Parliament
By A Correspondent
May 29, 2017, 12:02

Ambassador of Turkey accredited to Sierra Leone, Mersin Beyazit paid courtesy call on the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, SBB Dumbuya on Friday 26th May 2017 and assured him of the establishment of a Turkey-Friendship to the Parliament of Sierra Leone. In this light, she urged the Parliament of Sierra Leone to do same as soon as possible to start immediate cooperation and exchange visits between the Parliaments of Turkey and Sierra Leone.

In exchanging diplomatic pleasantries, she spoke on the need of strengthening and improving bilateral relations between the two countries, particularly in the field of education, and congratulated the Government and the people of Sierra Leone for defeating Ebola.

Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone informed the Turkish Envoy that President Koroma had informed him on returning from his recent visit to Turkey that he had discussions with the Speaker of the Parliament of Turkey who had expressed the desire of establishing friendship with the Parliament of Sierra Leone. He furthered that “we welcome that initiative and we are eagerly awaiting its establishment”. He recalled the failed coup in Turkey that was aborted by the popular will of the people in defense of democracy. He thanked the people of Turkey who stood in solidarity with the President and Government of Turkey during that failed coup and also congratulated them for giving more power to the President in a referendum. He also recalled Turkey’s superiority during the days of the Ottoman Empire. He acclaimed Turkey’s intention to assist in our education and described “such assistance as wholesome because it will influence every facet of our development”, whilst looking forward to the establishment of a Friendship Group between the Parliaments of Turkey and Sierra Leone.


Submitting, Special Envoy to the President of Turkey, Dr. Hassan Yavuz spoke on the need for strengthening diplomatic relations between Sierra Leone and Turkey, especially in the field of education. He said the President of Turkey “sees Africa from a distance as a powerful political power and therefore wants to be part of its economic development”. He also said that “Turkey stands in solidarity with Africa as a friend and not to exploit her natural resources”. That Turkey is here “to improve on the education of Sierra Leone and not to plunder her natural resources”.


In his introductory remarks, Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Sesay told the Turkish Envoy that “the Parliament of Sierra has 124 Members of Parliament, including 112 Ordinary Members, representing 112-Constituencies across the country and 12-Paramount Chiefs, representing 12-Disricts in Sierra Leone”. He also said that these MPs are from the All Peoples Congress and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and that the 12-Paramount Chiefs are neutral and expected to play an advisory role, when contentious issues are being deliberated upon in the House. 

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