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Sierra Leone News : Blind Citizen to Head Social Welfare Ministry in Northern Province
May 29, 2017, 12:04

Credible reports from corridors of the Honourable Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, indicates a massive reshuffle of the entire ministry has commenced today May 26th 2017. One of the most outstanding is the appointment of a person with disability to head the Ministry’s operations in Northern Province. Mr. Kabbakeh Noah who is a completely blind Sierra Leone citizen, has been appointed by the Minister to take over her ministry’s operations in Northern Province as the new overall boss in charge of the entire Northern Province with title of Provincial Head or popularly known as Assistant Director.


The appointment of a completely blind citizen to be in charge of an entire Provincial branch of a Government Ministry in Sierra Leone illustrates the importance given by this government to ensuring citizens with disabilities can reach their full potentials. Mr. Noah was actually recruited 3 years ago for that position but for unspecified reasons, was never given a chance to take up his office. He was instead hidden away in the lower ranked Western Rural district.


Other changes unveiled today include the creation of a new position to be called Deputy Assistant Director for each province.


In the North, Mr. Noah will be deputised by Mr. Chernoh Jorgoh Timbo as the new Deputy Assistant Director for Northern Province.


It should be noted that the Northern Province is now composed of only 4 districts; namely the new Falaba District plus  Bombali, Tonkolili and  Koinadugu districts.


The newly created North Western Province which consists of Port Loko, Kambia and Karene districts will now be headed by Mr. Bamie Joseph Sesay as acting Assistant Director with Mr. Gassimu Sesay as his Deputy. Mr. Bamie Sesay will also have oversight of Western Rural district until August 1st 2017 when the new MSWGCA provincial office at Port Loko is expected to be fully functional and Mr. Sesay will then be permanently based in Port Loko which is the headquarters of the North Western district. At which point, Madam Worokia Conteh, now handling only Western Urban district, will take over entire operations of Western Area with her office based in Waterloo, Western Rural district

Southern Province will have Mr. Patrick Bangura stay as Assistant Director and he will be deputised by Mr. Foday Sesay.


Eastern Province now has Madam Doris Mansaray as the boss lady of the East taking up office to act as Assistant Director for Eastern Province. She will be deputised by Mr. Sylvanus Conteh.


Former Assistant Director for North Madam Josephine P. Saccoh and former Assistant Director for East Madam Jeneba Koroma have both been transferred to Headquarters with their same ranks but now assigned to the Planning Directorate.


Meanwhile, Finance Clerk in Northern Province Lucy Massaquoi has been transferred to headquarters as the new Storekeeper.

All new transfers are with immediate effect.


More changes are expected to be unfolded next week.

Those anticipated changes will be done at the district levels where it is expected the Honourable Minister is going to reorganize the entire district arrangements.

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