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Court of Appeal To Decide SLPP's Fate on June 5th
By B.E.J Davies
May 30, 2017, 17:12

The acting Public Relations Officer of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) has on 29th May 2017 informed the general public that solicitors for the party have received a notice from the Court of Appeal in the matter between Alusine Bangura, Alex Kargbo and Victor Sheriff vs the SLPP. The notice was informing the party that judgment on the aforesaid case will be delivered on the 5th of June 2017.


It can be recalled that Alusine Bangura, Alex Kargbo and Victor Sheriff, filed injunctions in the High Court requesting the SLPP’s National Executives re-run lower level elections in 39 constituencies. The lower level elections where conducted in June 2016 to elect delegates who will eventually elect the flag bearer for the SLPP for the 2018 presidential election.


The Justice in charge of the matter Justice Desmond B. Edwards, on Wednesday the 15th of February 2017, ruled an order against the said request.


According to Justice Desmond B. Edward, the plaintiffs failed to provide evidence to the court to support their claims that there were irregularities with the lower level elections and that was not enough for him to declare the elections null and void.


Upon the Judgment by Justice Edwards; the lawyer for the plaintiffs S.B. Tejan-Sie appealed the Judgment at the Court of Appeal.  An interim injunction to stop the SLPP flag bearer conference scheduled to take place in Kenema on the 21st to 24th April, 2017 was then handed down by the Court of Appeal. The injunction restrained SLPP officials from summoning any meeting geared towards conducting, organizing and supervising flag bearer elections or any other elections pending the hearing and determination of the court.


The acting Public Relations Officer called on all supporters of the SLPP to continue to exercise restraint and hope that there will soon be a final resolution to the matter of the lower level elections for the 39 constituencies.

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