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Sierra Leone News : Residents of Mabilafu in Tonkolili Cheers up SUNBIRD Bio Energy Sierra Leone Limited
By John Koroma
May 31, 2017, 17:06

The residents of Mabilafu in Tonkolili District have expressed satisfaction over the operations of the SUNBIRD Bio Energy Sierra Leone Limited what they described as hope for the people residing in the district especially in the area of education and the health sector that have been made available to them.

In an exclusive interview with one Mariatu Sankoh, a parent of three children she revealed that before things were not going well with the people in the community as she disclosed that majority of them were left out but now that the company has been transformed to the SUNBIRD Bio Energy Sierra Leone Limited they now benefitted lots as they have been provided with pure drinking water, medical clinic for their children and pregnant women and lactating mothers and other facilities. She added that through the help of the SUNBIRD Bio Energy Company they can now boast of accessible academic facilities for their children and the less privileged. 


Speaking on behalf of the youths, One Musa Conteh said that though things are not entirely good but is far better than before as they were entirely left out. He added that recently the SUNBIRD Bio Energy Sierra Leone Limited has created lots of jobs opportunities for them. Speaking on the challenges, he said that most of the villages where the company operates donít have electricity supply, something he hopes the company will address soonest.


According to the general manager of the SUNBIRD BIOENERGY Company Limited in response to the challenges highlighted above, he said that it is not the responsibility of the company to determine or allocates electricity to communities, this he says is the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Energy and the government of Sierra Leone.


He however went on to say that the company has tried to supply electricity to certain villages that can be reached easily and they are working tirelessly to provide electricity to all villages in their operational areas.


He added that the company has gripped firmly their Cooperate Social Responsibility especially in the areas of health, education and the supply of pure drinking water to the people of their various operations site.


He continued that to fast track or to push forward His Excellency policy on the local content policy in the country, they have drastically reduced the number of foreigners in the company and create more room for the local people to be employed. He disclosed that before there were over two hundred foreigners working at the company but now it has been drastically reduced to thirty and he added that to make sure that Sierra Leoneans take full control of the company, they have hired Indians to train Sierra Leoneans on the day to day operations of the company. 


He went further to say that Sierra Leoneans who have been trained have great ideas on how to carry the day to day operations of the company amicable.  

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