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Sierra Leone News : Military Officer and Civil Servant Dibs Mercury’s 4/50 Jackpot
May 31, 2017, 17:04

Mercury International 4/50 Jackpot Lottery draw number 191 was won by two Sierra Leoneans; Alusine Sillah (A military officer) and Abdul Jalil Elba (A civil Servant) respectively on Friday 26th May, 2017.


The said Jackpot amount was Le127,900,000 (One hundred and twenty seven million nine hundred thousand Leones), that was shared amongst the two lucky winners after the deduction of a  withholding tax  which amounted to Le11,689,600 (Eleven million six hundred and eighty nine thousand six hundred Leones).


Each of them ended up with a take home of Le52,260,400 (Fifty two million two hundred and sixty thousand four hundred Leones.



Since the inception of the 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game in March 2016, the product has attracted thousands of Mercury costumers and has made 17 millionaires across the country.


The 4/50 Jackpot among other products of the company has changed the lives of many and continue to provide hope for Sierra Leoneans with huge fate of winning the Jackpot in seeking to transform their lives.


The presentation was done on Monday 29th May, 2017 at the Company’s head office on 27 Kroo town Road, Freetown.


Presenting the cheque to the lucky winners, the chief finance officer, Ekundayoh Rowe, Mercury International started by reproving the two lucky winners to utilize the amount won judiciously in a way that will benefit their families and the country at large.


“The amount won is a life changing amount, we hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity in transforming your lives for the better. There are thousands of Mercury costumers out there playing our products on a daily bases but are yet to be lucky winners, so you should count yourselves lucky and make good use of this opportunity”. Mr. Rowe advised.


Receiving the cheque, Alusine Sillah express extreme delight that he was chosen by God to win his own share of the Jackpot and thank Mercury International for providing the platform for him to be a millionaire today.


“I’m very happy and feel delighted like a new born baby, am happy because I won this amount at a time I need  it most. If I can remember quite clearly,  the last time I ever made One million Leones for myself was when I was a Diamond digger in Kono. Since then, only Mercury International has giving me the opportunity to boast of millions of leones”. Sillah Confessed.


“I’m a military officer by profession, I have been chosen already to travel for a peace keeping mission in Somalia later this year. That was the opportunity I was waiting for to transform my life. Now that I have won this amount through Mercury International, I will start my developmental process immediately with a purchase a land while praying to God direction.


“I want to say a big thank you to Mercury International for changing my life and encourage my fellow costumers to continue trying their luck maybe anyone of them could make the next lucky winner”. Sillah Concluded.


Receiving the second cheque, Abdul Jalil Elba (A civil servant) expressed his profound gratitude to Mercury International for the opportunity provided to transform his life. 


He further stated that he feels good to have been one of the lucky winners of the Jackpot, citing that him as his father were on an Agricultural project both stocked along the way due to lack of finance.


“I’m intending to invest in Agriculture, I and my father have concentrated huge energy and effort in this regard but were faced with huge financial setbacks, our operation stopped and most of the gains made were degenerated. But we are happy today that with Mercury, we are proud millionaires. We are now in strong financial position to continue our Agricultural project”. Elba affirmed.

“I have been playing the different Mercury products with specific reference to the 4/50 Jackpot for over five years now, I want to appeal to those who still have doubts about the reality and credibility of Mercury that the games are credible and real. Mercury has helped in transforming the lives of many Sierra Leoneans from grass to grace. This happened to be my first Jackpot winning despite winning two numbers before”. Elba Concluded.

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