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Sierra Leoneans still shamefully abusing social media to mislead public and tarnish the names of Government and country
May 31, 2017, 17:12

All for  the sake of political capital, Sierra Leoneans are still abusing the social media to mislead the general public at home  and tarnish the names of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government and the country.


Yesterday, two institutions —The Sierra Leone Airport Authority ( SLAA ) and the China Railway Seventh Group ( CRSG ) Board of Wellington-Masiaka Highway—at different times released statements condemning and disclaiming fake video clips published in the social media purporting to represent events in the two institutions , which turned out to be false and misleading.


Instead of using the social media for its intended educative, informative and entertainment purposes , Sierra Leoneans are misusing the innovative media platform to spread lies and fake news , audios  and videos about their country and government , as well as their fellow citizens. It is such a shameful practice that shows that  many of our citizens lack any sense of moral values and patriotism.




Disclaimer :

Misleading and Malicious Video of a flooded Apron Purported to be Lungi Airport.


The attention of the Management of the Sierra Leone Airports Authority (SLAA) has been drawn to a video clip making the rounds on social media of a flooded tarmac or apron purported to be Lungi Airport. Management of the SLAA who manages Freetown International Airport (FNA), Lungi, wishes to clarify that the flooded tarmac as purported in the video is not Lungi Airport. No flooding of the tarmac took place at FNA in Lungi. The tarmac or apron at FNA in Lungi has enough provision of storm water drainage facility and since its inception, there hasn’t been any flooding of the apron or tarmac.


Additionally, the Airline at the background of the video clip is Arik Airlines and Management of SLAA wishes to inform the general public that Arik Airlines is not currently operating into FNA. The last operation of Arik Airlines to FNA was in November, 2016. The public is hereby advised that the claims of flooding at Lungi Airport is false, mischievous and misleading and should be considered as one of the hoax of social media.


Finally, Management of SLAA wishes to assure the general public that operations at Lungi Airport are safe and secured and there’s no cause for any alarm.



The China Railway Seventh Group(CRSG) board of Wellington-Masiaka Highway wants to bring to the notice of the public that there is a message making the rounds on social media which proves to be false.The writer perhaps wants to catch the attention of the audience to an extent in derailing the integrity of the company. CRSG wants to assure the public that it won’t do anything against the policy of the country.


A meeting with various stakeholders in relation to prices to be made on various vehicles is being scheduled to take place within the week.


The company wants to assure listeners and readers that every information in the media related to the tolling system is a hoax as mechanism are being put in place for a better and standard system to please the general masses.


The writer perhaps wants to paint an ugly image of this company despite its primary focus is to seek the interest of the country on a long term purpose.It is geared towards promoting Sierra Leone to have a conducive and convenient road network.


After the stated meeting,members from the company will be on various radio and TV shows in addressing the issue.Newspapers will also be contacted in propelling the right message.Meanwhile, the board wants to inform the people that whatever is happening as on newspapers and Whatsapp is a complete lie.

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