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APC Elections Head Challenges SLPP to Show Evidence
By B.E.J. Davies
Jun 1, 2017, 17:16

Responding to a story making the rounds on social media and other media outlets that about fifty (50) card bearing members of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party have defected to the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Hon. Leonard Balogun Koroma who is the National Elections Coordinator for the ruling APC party has on the 31st day of May, 2017 challenged the SLPP to produce the APC party card of the said defected members.


Hon. Koroma asserted that the people paraded and photographed as new SLPP members where well known old and registered members of the SLPP and this was just a propaganda stunt by members of the opposition SLPP to destabilize the strong base and support that the APC has in Kono.


It can be recalled that earlier this week that the SLPP claimed to have received about fifty former APC members who were all from Constituency 023 Bafineh Section, Sandor Chiefdom, Kono District.


Hon. Leonard Balagun Koroma: Naional Elections Coordinator, APC


Speaking to this press house Mrs. Isata Kamara who is the Regional Cordinator for the APC Women Congress and the Chairlady for Constituency 029 Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District, also claims that the leader of the ‘supposed defected APC supporters’ and other members of the group were well known and recognized SLPP members in Kono. She further identified the leader of the group as a registered party agent for the SLPP in the last general elections.


Hon. Koroma finished up by saying; “when members of the SLPP defects to the APC, the party cards of the defected members are displayed for all to see. I therefore challenge the SLPP to do the same if they are sure that the members displayed in their poli-tricking stunt and propaganda are truly members of the APC.”

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