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UNDP Updates MPs on Role of Parliament on SDGs
By Jeneba V. Kabba
Jun 1, 2017, 17:08

United Nation Development Programmes has on Wednesday 31st May 2017 updates members of Parliament on the role of parliament on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at committee room one in parliament.


The vocal person (chairman) of SDGs oversight Committee in parliament, Hon. Dauda Kallon in his opening statement, said they are working on the same page in order to make sure that they promote and take the SDGs programs across the country not only in the House of Parliament.


He said as MPs, they oversee the functions of Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) across the country and make sure that SDGs campaign reach the grassroots people in the country.


He disclosed that SDGs committee is just four months old in parliament and they have held many meetings to see that SDGs is not just limited to parliament but nation wild.


The UNDP Economic Advisor Dr. Moses Sichel in his presentation said goal one is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere and the result of a participatory process, UN global survey call “My world” in 2015 in which two areas were top issues i.e good education and better health care.


He added that the SDGs are being implemented in Sierra Leone within the backdrop of multiple recovery strategic plans.


He said the House of Parliament has the power to make legislation and approve international agreement and Parliament should use this ability to facility the implementation of the SDGs by adopting the SDGs activities.


He said the key role and responsibility of parliament is the oversight of the government work and achievement.


He said parliamentary debates usually draw the attention of the media and the Inter-Parliamentary Union studies indicate that not every parliament should set up a SDGs committee and it’s a good idea to set on a SDGs committee provided it’s endowed with a strong coordination, oversight mandate as well as sufficient resources.


He added that SDGs committee need to actively demand from the executive aim of government so that a plan aligned with SDGs is prepared and sent to parliament for review planning window dynamic in Sierra Leone. He said that the financing for SDGs perception of imposed development agenda and not homegrown is one of the challenges in Sierra Leone.


He said SDGs offer transformation opportunities to address critical issue, “We can see the past but cannot influence it, we cannot see the future but we can influence it”. Dr. Sichel ended.Members of SDGs committee in parliament contributed positively to the presentation.

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