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Sierra Leone News : Kamarainba Arrest by Police is hottest talk of Social Media
By B.E.J Davies
Jun 2, 2017, 17:08

Yesterday June 1st 2017 was a noted day on social media as Sierra Leoneans from all over the world took to their keypads to type out their views on the dramatic arrest by Police of one of the most popular opposition leaders in Sierra Leone in the person of the charismatic Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.


Kamarainba, as he is fondly called, is the presidential candidate of the new opposition party the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) which has been making waves in all bye elections it has contested since it was formed.


However, during Bye Elections of May 27th 2016 that was held in Eastern district of Kailahun, it is alleged that Kamarainba was caught in possession of a weapon known as a TASER which shoots out electricity current to immobilize anyone it is pointed on.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray


Laws of Sierra Leone especially the 2012 Arms and Ammunition Act say all such weapons should be first registered before they can be legally owned.


The Police now allege that the TASER weapon was never registered and was illegally in possession of Kamarainba.


Interestingly, Kamarainba has released audio clips confessing that he indeed possessed a TASER but fell short of confirming whether the weapon was registered. Speaking to Awareness Times Newspaper shortly after the arrest, Police Boss in Eastern Region, AIG Karrow Kamara said Kamarainba will be charged to court in the same Daru Kailahun where he was spotted using the TASER weapon.


The news has brought out mixed reactions on social media and other social gatherings across Sierra Leone. Heated debates see various viewpoints being expressed about the inroads which have endeared Kamarainba to ordinary citizens have also made him a target for the two major parties of ruling APC and the main opposition SLPP. It is particularly joyous news for SLPP in whose stronghold of Kailahun, the popular Kamarainba’s ADP put up a good show on May 27th to extent of grabbing 13% of the votes cast.


Mr. C. Williams from Atlanta in the United States believes that Kamarainba should be arrested and charged if he has violated the laws of Sierra Leone and not registered his TASER with the Small Arms Secretariat or the police. He believes that not all issues in Sierra Leone should be politicized and Sierra Leoneans should be able to accept the rule of law.


Mr. Joseph Cole who is a resident of Calaba Town in eastern Freetown believes that the arrest is politically motivated believes that the major political parties are threatened by the inroads made by the charismatic politician and want to use the opportunity to teach intimidate him.

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