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Sierra Leone News : COMAHS Students Launch Friends of Nature Club
By Emmanuel I. Kamara
Jun 5, 2017, 12:06

Medical students of College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) has on Friday 2nd June 2017, launched the Friends of Nature Club with the theme “Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Development” at the main campus of the aforesaid college, Kossoh Town, Western Rural District of Freetown.


Explaining the rationale for the formation of the club, Coordinator of Friends of Nature COMAHS, Peter Mac-jajua disclosed that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) organized an essay competition earlier this year which he participated and eventually became the winner.“Having won that competition on environmental issues, I then called on my close friends in COMHAS to form a nature club to raise awareness to the public on environmental hazards” Peter remarked.


A Cross Section of Friends of Nature -COMAHS


He continued that he got six (6) of his friends for the start and they have grew to more than 50 in numbers.


Peter added that they are a pressure group with a motive to help the public on the dangers of littering our environment. He said out of the 17 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 7 underpin the need to protect the environment.


“After we have formed the club, we then engaged EPA who were impressed by our initiative and enthusiasm and vowed to always support our course. EPA has helped us to register the club with Freetown City Council and with COMHAS” said FNC Coordinator. He further that they intend spreading the initiative to other colleges and schools in the country so that they too can benefit and have knowledge on how to keep the  environment clean and safe and later move to the public on mass media sensitization on tree planting and find possible solutions to waste management to name but few.  “The fight to protect our environment cannot be won by an individual or institution but by a concerted collaboration, protect the environment for a greener nature” said Peter.


Richard Moore-Conteh, the Public Relations Officer Friends of Nature club pointed that environment degradation has led to serious climate change and we should stop deforestation, and embark on afforestation so that we can keep our environment clean. 


In his keynoted address, Lecturer at the COMHAS in the Chemistry Department, Anthony A. Karim said greenhouse gasses are gasses that responsible for warming of the earth as the earth is the only conducive environment for human existence.


He added that for the earth to be conducive for our existence, the climatic condition must reflect human nature.

Mr. Karim said, what we are now experiencing as a result of human activities, is what he described as the “enhance greenhouse effect”.


He applauded the initiative of the medical students to launch such an important club for a clean and a safe environment for our existence.

The Acting Director of Forestry in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Alpha Umaro Leigh thanked the Friends of Nature and vowed that the Forestry division of MAFFS’ will be always open to them at any time and he added that they are looking forward for a positive collaboration for a better environment.

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