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Sierra Leone News : A School Dropout Sweeps Mercury's 4/50 Jackpot
Jun 6, 2017, 17:08

In what has become a phenomenon from amongst Mercury's customers, the 190th edition of the increasingly  followed product of Mercury (4/50 Jackpot) was won for the second time in a week on 31st May, 2017 by Musa K. Koroma, the amount won was Le52 million (Fifty two million Leones).


The 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game that was launched in March 2016 and has gained increasing popularity amongst Mercury's products and has now made eighteen(18) millionaires from within Mercury's esteemed customers.


This winning happened to be the first individual Jackpot winning outside the capital Freetown, the last time Mercury had a winner outside Freetown was when seven (7) customers won the Jackpot in November last year wherein one winner was from Segbwema town, Kailahun District.



The presentation was done for the first time outside Freetown at Mercury's Southern regional head office in Bo City on 2nd June, 2017. The presentation attracted high profile personalities in Bo such as the former Mayor of Bo City His Lordship Dr. Wusu Sannoh to name but few.


Chief finance officer, Mercury International, Ekundayor Rowe, called the program to order and continue with the introduction of the delegation from Freetown and welcoming invited guests. He further explained the new tax rule introduced by government for those present to understand how are tax been deducted from winnings which took effect on 1st May, 2017.


Mr. Rowe admonished those present that for every winning of Le10 million or below, Mercury will deduct and pay on behalf of the winner to NRA 10% of the winning and 20% on winnings above Le10 million.


Resenting the Cheque, Mr. Rowe started by congratulating the winner who is a permanent resident in Sierra Rutile -- Moriba Town. He said the amount won is a life changing amount hence he should ensure the appropriate use of the said amount to better not only himself but his family as well.


Mr. Rowe further explained that the Jackpot won was Le52 million (Fifty two million Leones), and the sum of Le9,299,600 (Nine million two hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred Leones) was deducted from the amount won to be paid to NRA. The winner ended up taking home a sum of Le42,700,000 (Fourty two million seven hundred thousand Leones.


Receiving the Cheque, Musa K. Koroma expressed great delight and started by thanking Mercury for giving him and many other Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to transform their lives overnight.


"I'm feeling as if am a president of my village right now, am extremely happy to have been chosen by God to win such an amount. I'm still thinking hadn't not been Mercury how would I have ever make such an amount ? He asked!


"I didn't believe when I went to where I played to cross check about my winning, after confirming it, I went straight into my room and started dancing knowing that am now a millionaire.  


"I sat to my WASSCE three years ago and got requirement for university but unfortunately financial constrains could not allow me further to University. Over the years, I have been helping my elder brother as an apprentice on his vehicle who runs to the nearby villages," Musa explained.


"Now that God has blessed me with this money, am hoping to buy college form next academic year to enroll for a degree program and also buy land. I want also want to use this opportunity to talk to those with misconceptions about the reality and credibility of Mercury International, I am a living testimony and will serve as an ambassador within my locality to tell people that Mercury is real".  Musa Concluded.

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