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Sierra Leone News : Speaker of Parliament Enumerates the Achievements of President Koroma
Jun 8, 2017, 17:12

The Right Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone, SBB Dumbuya has in an interview with members of the United World on Wednesday 07th June 2017 in the precincts of Parliament, enumerated the achievements of Sierra Leone under the astute leadership of President Koroma for almost ten years in governance, with the view of improving the image of the country to attract direct foreign investments.

On his last stand at the podium of the United Nations General Assembly, he said that “President Koroma was there principally to sell our national development, noting the continued state of peace and development, until Ebola reared its ugly head and resulted in stagnation”.


On the issue of development, he “praised President Koroma for having done exceptionally well in taking development to every corner of the country through the Agenda for Change and Prosperity, and decried past presidents for concentrating development to only where they hailed from”.


He was gratified to say that “the opposition is supportive of Government’s initiatives through consultations” and described such as “not being parochial, but nationalistic”.


Relating to Chiefs in Parliament, he said that “they are independent and are expected to look at issues objectively”.


On the question of relations with other parliaments, he averred that the Parliament of Sierra Leone is represented in the ECOWAS and Pan-African Parliaments, among others, whilst speaking on the need for establishing friendship groups with other parliaments around the world.


Regarding continuity of President Koroma’s legacy, he said that “the APC intends to get a successor that will continue the programmes and policies of President Koroma, to prevent a repeat of Joseph SaiduMomoh’s radical departure from the programmes of erstwhile President Stevens”, cognizant of innovation and adaptation to suit changing circumstances.

One the issue of Sierra Leoneans in the diasporas, he spoke of those that had been given appointments by President Koroma to serve in high offices of State, and called on others with the required qualifications to come home and contribute to national development.


The officers from the United World who interviewed the Speaker are Nicolas Carver and Irene Trincado in the presence of former Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo and Ibrahim Sesay, Clerk of Parliament.

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