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Sierra Leone News : PeFoHD Officially Launched at British Council,Freetown,Sierra Leone
Jun 12, 2017, 12:00

Highlights from the Keynote Address:  “In society, some groups are more vulnerable than others – the poor, the disabled, abused women etc.  NGOs working at grassroots level are best suited to deal with the vulnerable groups. However, NGOs and Government can join hands to find the most suitable strategies to use, to empower those who are potentially weak in the social structure.”


In introducing the CEO/Founder of PeFoHD, and in his statement, the Chairman referred to the CEO/Founder as his own Mom.  He made reference to his visit to the family in Atlanta as a Graduate student in the US during the 2003 Christmas holiday. During that time, Dr. Will Sillah showed him a whole lot of academic materials she had collected, awaiting shipment to Sierra Leone. For years, she has continued this humanitarian effort and has donated to colleges, schools, communities and churches.


Surrounded by representatives of WARC Foundation, Ecobank Microfinance, Director of Budget Bureau, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MoFED), and PeFoHD CEO/Founder, Development Secretary of MoFED, Mr. John Sumailah officially launched and delivered Keynote Address at the Official Launching Ceremony of People’s Foundation for Humanity Development (PeFoHD) at British Council on Wednesday, June 7th. 2017.


So, according to the Chairman, the Foundation has already been laid and just needs to grow from strength to strength.  He then shared the profile of the CEO/Founder. Born and raised in Sierra Leone, Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah has lived in Atlanta with her family for 30 years.  She earned her Bachelor and Masters degree in Information Technology, a Doctorate in Business Administration in Management. She is a Minister, Professor, Community Organizer, and married with 4 sons, and 2 granddaughters.

In response to the powerful Keynote Address and Launching by Development Secretary, CEO/Founder of PeFoHD, Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah responded by presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation”  to the Development Executive, for his support and contribution to national development.

Highlights from the Keynote Address:
“ …to increase community development, organizations have to devise ways of strengthening relationships with the community by developing a deep understanding of community issues, undergoing training, implementing creative strategies to encourage participation and ownership, amongst others. Empowering communities also includes empowering the individual…it comprises certain factors; self reliance, participation in decision-making, dignity and respect, belonging and contributing to the community.  The community empowerment process is very complex and requires understanding and commitment from the part of all stakeholders…requires constant learning and consistent building of a community’s capacity”.


Mr. Amadu Sidi Bah, National Coordinator of Non-State introduced the highly-profiled Chairman for the Launching Ceremony. He described the Chairman as a handsome man with vast experience. He congratulated PeFoHD and welcomed PeFoHD to the NSA familly


NGO representatives showed their full support at the Launching.       Excited Staff Members of PeFoHD and AYCAR, (l-R) Frederick Sesay, Fatmata Kandeh, Jestina Kanneh, Ibrahim Koroma, Andrew Forbie, Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah, Peter Amara, Rashid Kamara and Elizabeth


Hon. Navo Kaikai, (Right) Member of House of Parliament of Sierra Leone, congratulates and welcomes PeFoHD to Sierra Leone. The female House leader commended the CEO/Founder as a dynamic multitasker serving as a Minister, Lecturer, Mother and Grandmother.  He challenged men to such a task.  She invited the CEO/Founder and her organization PeFoHD to extend their outreach to Kailahun District, her own hometown. 

“While Kenema has offered their organization 67 acres of land, we, at Kailahun will offer you 100 acres of land when I take you there” to which there was a loud applause.

“EPA is not only about the environment, but our interactions and human relationships are all part of our environment in which women play vital roles.  Essential roles sucg as caretakers, providers and teachers are all played by women.  So we  need empowerment. EPA’s Vision is synonymous with Vision and Activities of PeFoHD. PeFoHD’s activities most of the SDG goals.  It involves poverty reduction, Gender issues, Environment, which are all at the center of sustainable development.  PeFoHD.  Madam, I congratulate you upon your Launching and we at EPA are ready to work with you. 


Thank you.  PeFoHD is a voluntary, humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political , non-partisan organization, whose Key Objectives and Critical Success Factors will be to complement effort of government, non-state actors in areas of common interest.

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