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Sierra Leone News : 19 Members of Chinese Medical Team Start Work
Jun 13, 2017, 17:00

Nineteen (19) members of Chinese medical team, who arrived in town last week has started working at the Jui Hospital. The team leader Dr. Liang Lihui said they have started working and they dont want any vacuum to be created after the 18 team left.


We need to continue to train the nurses at the hospital to meet the standards we are expecting and we also want to bring in students from the medical school to come to us for training. I have started discussing with the Minister of Health and the Chief Medical Officer so that the Jui Hospital can be transformed to a full teaching hospital.


I believe we are going to have a good time working in this country for the next 12 months and we hoped to treat as many people we can.


Dr. Liang Lihui, whose English name is Liam said he is a physician and Endocytosis. He can also open perform some operations but said they have doctors for most of the common diseases in Sierra Leone.


Dr. Liang said Dr. Alex Kanu, who is in charge of the hospital, has done very well and they are very optimistic that together they will form a good partnership to cure as many people as they can during their time in Sierra Leone.


Deputy team leader, Dr. Huang Shu said coming to Sierra Leone was a great opportunity for them as they really want to come and help in their own little way.


He said they are very ambitious and hope they leave next year they would have achieved more than what they came for.


The Chief Nurse, Deng Quanying said she is happy to be in Sierra Leaone to contribute to the development of the health system.


She said she will be working with the nurses to get them trained to meet the standard of the team because she said most of the operations that the doctors will be doing they need the utmost assistance from the nurses to get it right.


We are proud to be in Sierra Leone and my first week has shown that we will have a very good working relationship with our Sierra Leonean counterparts and together we will achieve a lot before our one year comes to end.


The 19 doctors and nurses that are now working in the hospital are: Dr Liang Lihui physician; Dr. Yang Ning aka John Physician; Dr. XiongBangwen aka Bowen Surgeon; Dr. Huang Shu aka Derek Surgeon; Dr. Wang Deqiang aka Arvin physician ; Dr. Cui Miaoping aka Mary Gynecologist; Dr. Yan Xian aka Flora Obstetrician; Dr. Zou Deng aka Zende Pediatrician; Dr. Yang Yaoyong aka Eric Laboratory Technician; Dr. Pan Yong aka Frank ultrasound; Dr. Liu Boqiang aka  Battery Anesthetist; Dr. Xuanhui aka Steven Radiologist;Dr. Wang Kehuaaka James Opththalmologist; Dr. Xie Weibin aka Duke physician; Deng Quanying aka Jenny Chief Nurse; Zhang Qiue aka Amy Nurse and Xiang Na aka Tina Nurse.

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