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Sierra Leone News : 4th National Quranic Competition Ends Successfully
By Mohamed M. Sillah
Jun 15, 2017, 17:00

The Foundation of Islamic Organization Sierra Leone Limited on Sunday 11th, June 2017, successfully completed the forth National Quranic Competition at the Fourah Bay College (FBC) campus in Freetown to spread the knowledge of Islam and motivate those who are learning the Quran.


Sheik Farouk Omar Adam Bah who was part of the panel of Judges said that the competition was based on merits. He added that Mohamed Balor Jalloh from Freetown came first in the thirty (30) Juzuh Quranic recitations with 99.1/2 % and he added that he is the winner of the Gold Prize.  Therefore, he encouraged Mohamed Balor Jalloh to keep it up that if he maintains his standards in the Quranic recitation he would be given the opportunity to represent Sierra Leone in the Dubai International Quranic Competition next year.


However, he congratulates Mohamed Jaketeh from Kono district that came first in the fifteen Juzuh Quranic recitation competitions and encouraged him to keep it up so that next year he would compete for the thirty Juzuh Quranic recitations. Sheik Farouk Omar Adam Bah called on all Sierra Leoneans to give their support to promote the knowledge of Islam through the next Quranic recitation competition in the country.


Abdul Aziz Kargbo , the Director of the Quranic recitation competition said that he appreciate greatly the turnout of the general public and he added that before they commencement of the competition they took their time to identify people that are qualified to take part in the competition and their selection was done indiscriminately. He disclosed that based on the turn out of the people they are minded to take the competition to the National Stadium.


Ibrahim Bah thanked brotherís Muslim for the love and concern they showed to the foundation. He added that he appreciate the efforts of those that came out to compete and thanked them for their relentless efforts they showed throughout the Quranic recitation exercise.

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