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Sierra Leone News : Every Child’s Dream Foundation Donates to Obez Memorial School
Jun 15, 2017, 17:08

Every Child’s Dream Foundation (ECDF) was founded on the 6th June 2017 by Miss Sward Koroma. She is a 24 Years old graduate from the Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone.  She graduated with a First class degree in Bachelor of Science with honors in Commerce. She is also a model.


Every Child’s Dream Foundation believes in the every kids dream and potential regardless of their skin color, race, tribe, gender, and economic status.


Miss Sward Koroma with pupils of Obez Memorial School


ECDF knows that every child has a dream and the potential to achieve them. However, most kids lack the financial or moral support to really actualize or make their dreams come true. Hence, the number one aim of ECDF is to go out into various communities in Sierra Leone and investigate or interview these children to know what their dreams are , and at the end try to help them achieve those dreams. Thus our MOTTO: Actualizing Their Potential.


On the 13th June 2017, ECDF successfully made donation to Obez Memorial School, situated at number 86 City Road by Bangura Mosque Wellington Community. The same community the CEO and founder of the organization resides. ECDF shared 12 packets of candies and 3 bags of cements together with 1 bundle of zinc, which are to be used in the construction of the new building that is currently been erected around approved school area Wellington.


Another donation is to be made on the 14th June 2017 to Sierra Leone Islamic Federation School. Every Child’s Dream Foundation will be donating 10 tables and benches and also 12 dozen books together with 7 dozen pencils. To help with the accommodation issues and book supply shortages.


All these donations are single handedly been funded by the CEO (Sward Koroma) as she has yet to have sponsors or donors to help her out. ECDF aims to do so much more in the future like, granting scholarships to students, opening orphanages for the less privileged, organizing fun activities for kids and so on; as they want to bring hope to many kids out there. We want to be the change that we wish to see in the world.


ECDF have so many goals but limited resources to achieve them which is why we are calling on all patriotic citizens with  a kind heart and giving spirit to please come on board and help ECDF in there journey to shape the heart and minds of kids all over Sierra Leone and the world at large.  You can contact ECDF through the following 099585162 / Thank you.

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