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Sierra Leone News : Alleged Case of Free Health Care Drugs Goes to High Court
By John Koroma
Jun 21, 2017, 17:02

Magistrate Dr. Abou Bakarr Binneh Kamara yesterday 20th June, 2017, has committed the case of Free Health Care Drugs theft to the High Court of Freetown.


Police say they arrested a truck containing drugs that are meant for lactating mothers and children under five year of age at Pamlap Junction together with the accused persons; Amadu Kanda Jalloh and Mohamed Jalloh.


The accused persons were charged to court on two counts charge of Conspiracy to Defraud Contrary to Law and Receiving Stolen Goods Contrary to Section 33 (1) of the Larceny Act 1916. According to police charged shit, the accused persons Amadu Kanda Jalloh and Mohamed Jalloh on Saturday 24th September, 2016, in Freetown conspired with other persons unknown to defraud the Government of Sierra Leone to wit Larceny and receiving the stolen goods of quantity of Free Health Care Drugs belonging to the Government of Sierra Leone.


The second prosecution witness, Amadu Kanda Bah testified in court yesterday 20th June 2017 that he is a commercial driver with the registration number AZX 822. He added that the day of the alleged incident his boss instructed him to collect the cartoons of medicines from the accused persons Amadu Kanda Jalloh and Mohamed Jalloh. He added that he went together with his apprentice at Bus Station and loaded the cartoons of medicines into the truck and the accused people gave him the receipt of the medicines.


He went on to say that they departed to Pamlap and when they left Kambia approaching Guinea, the police officers at the checkpoint ordered that they inspect the cartoons and immediately they handed over the receipt to them. He continued that the police officers brought in a medical doctor to ascertain the set of drugs they are carrying. Amadu Kanda Bah added that the medical doctor certified to the police officers that the drugs are Free Health Care Drugs and they belong to the government of Sierra Leone.


He disclosed that they were arrested together with the vehicle and the matter was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters in Freetown.

He added that he later made statement to police.

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