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SLPP's today NEC meeting may lead to a Court Action!
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Jun 21, 2017, 17:08

Victor Sheriff, one of the three Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) plaintiffs who recently filed a cases against the party for the re-run of the thirty nine (39) constituency elections has yesterday Tuesday 20th June, 2017, said that the SLPP National Executive Council (NEC) meeting scheduled for today Wednesday 21st June, 2017, may lead to another court action. Mr. Sheriff made this statement late yesterday evening during a telephone interview with Awareness Times Newspaper.


Whilst explaining, Mr, Sheriff said the Appeals Court of Sierra Leone ruling of Monday June 5th, 2017, nullified elections held since December 3rd, 2016, until the date of the ruling. He said, therefore, the election of the twelve (12) SLPP district chairman, and the NEC decision of March 25th, 2017, to extend the mandate of the regional and national officers were all considered as null and void.


In addition, Mr. Sheriff stated “the Supreme Court ruling of 2015 clearly spelt out that the only properly seated NEC Members of the SLPP are the current Members of Parliament (MPs) and former MPs,” and that he said the decision taken on March 25th, 2017, NEC meeting for which other individuals took part was null and void.


On this note, Mr. Sheriff said that the current SLPP’s national, regional and district executives are all illegitimate, and that they should not take part in today’s NEC meeting. He said, should they take part in today’s NEC meeting he will institute a court action again, against the party.

In addition, whilst contributing to the topic of legitimacy of the current executives of the party, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, former chairman and leader of the SLPP during a phone call interview yesterday said, “I will appreciate if tomorrow, the current illegitimate executive just step-down and handover the leadership of the party to the current and former MPs.”


Although Mr. Benjamin himself did not comment on any action to be taken should the executives refuse to step-down today, he also called for a speedy delegate conference to for the election of national officers. However, Mr. Sheriff, who is well known for bringing court actions against the SLPP has said that he is ready to take the SLPP to court again should the current national, regional and district executives refused to relinquish their positions in today’s SLPP NEC meeting.


Meanwhile, all SLPP executive members who we try to contact to react to their current status, refused to comment. However, Awareness Times Newspaper will keep its readers informed as to how the NEC meeting would unfold today.

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