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Sierra Leone News : VP Foh directs Social Welfare Ministry to Visit Women & Kids at 11th Military Battalion
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Jun 21, 2017, 17:06

Awareness Times Newspaper has learnt that Hon. Vice President Dr. Victor Foh has directed the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Children's Affairs (MSWGCA) to immediately pay a working visit to the 11th Battalion Military Barracks located in Kambia district. It follows the recent tour of those living facilities of soldiers and their families by the Hon. VP Foh. According to reports, the fatherly Vice President was perturbed at some of the constraints faced by wives and children at the barracks so upon his return to Freetown, he immediately directed for the MSWGCA to go to the barracks and do analysis of the problem with recommendations for possible areas of intervention by the government.


It can be recalled that after the war ended in 2002, a donor funded PEBU programme to build military barracks, was mismanaged by certain officials of the previous government.


Acting Regional Director of Social Welfare in the new North Western Province Mr. Bamie Sesay stands next to 11th Battalion Commander Lt. Col Biriwa Conteh


However the current APC led government has shown remarkable strides in converting many of the makeshift PEBU quarters built by the previous government but there is still outstanding work to be done.


There is currently an ongoing plan to upgrade the PEBU built 11th Battalion barracks but in the meantime, the Hon. VP wants special attention and interventions to be made to assist the women and children staying in the barracks up there in Kambia.


Acting Regional Director for North Western Province interviews a wife of a soldier at 11th Battalion


It is believed that Mr. Bamie Joseph Sesay, the MSWGCA acting Regional Director for new North Western Province in which Kambia currently falls, spent the whole day yesterday Tuesday 20th June 2017 at the 11th Battalion barracks with a team of social workers, following up on the directives of VP Foh. Photos show Mr. Sesay at work.


Acting Regional Director for North Western Province Mr. Bamie Sesay interacts with families of soldiers in Barracks

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