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Sierra Leone News : Institute of Governance Reform Commences Citizensí Manifesto for Sierra Leone 2018 Elections
By Valentina Norman
Jun 22, 2017, 17:14

Institute of Governance Reform yesterday Wednesday June 21st 2017 has commenced a two days consultative meeting on the Development of a Citizensí Manifesto for Sierra Leone with Tribal Heads, Sowei groups , youth groups , market women, people with disabilities and the general public at the Family Home Movement in Kissy, Shell New Road.


As part of the deliberations, participants present unanimously pointed out that over the years they have had finding that it is extremely difficult to channel their request directly to Presidential and parliamentary candidates contesting in elections.


Cross Section of Participants


They added that there is the need for political parties to seek the interest of the general public and not only members of their political parties. They went on to say that presidential and parliamentary candidate should declare their asset to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) so that the public would be in a better position to assess the personality of the individuals that are vying for political positions in the country. They added that would help the Anti- Corruption Commission in the fight against Corruption in the country.


They further requested that there is a need for people that are vying for political positions in the country to invest in large scale agriculture. They added that government should allocate 40% of local council and parliamentary nomination sits to women and 15% for young Sierra Leoneans under 35 years.


Representatives of political parties overwhelmingly agreed that there is a need for political parties to engage in electoral education for the electorate to be better informed about the electioneering process in the country. They added that the ruling government should create the level playing field that would help opposition parties to conduct their campaigns freely without any hindrances that will thwart their political engagements throughout the country.

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